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Hey guys, just a quick update, FYI, before I forget it: I am now on Instagram. So, if you want to – you can follow me there now too – although, don’t expect too much: I won’t upload unique stuff there nor will I engange in posting random bimbofication related content on Instagram – like I do on twitter. I’m just putting those square previews of all the lessons in my profile, that’s it. “But why even do that?” – well, yes, I was asking that question myself all the time when someone advised me to create an Instagram profile. But I got it now: The amount of amazing bimbo dolls and bimbo related girls there is simply amazing! So yes, it absolutely makes sense for me to be part of that social media platform. Hopefully I will be able to discover new bimbo rolemodels and bimbo trainees there – and then write about those and present them to you. And why should you follow me if there won’t be any special content? Well – you can help me out to increase my social proof on Instagram. As far as I can see, the more followers someone has, the more likely it is for some girl to talk to that someone. If you help me to push those follower numbers, I might be able to come into contact with more and further progressed bimbo dolls – and maybe have an interview with them. So there will be some kind of benefit for all of us.

Speaking of interviews: I have some amazing stuff for you guys coming up – but I’m still waiting for some content – so you have to be patient with me 🙁 – but we will get there eventually. In addition, I’m working on some really big, new articles – so just give me a little bit more time and stay with me. We will continue here on the PBA with more lessons, more articles, more rolemodels and more itemposts VERY soon! So, in the meantime, check out my social media streams and wait for the new content… it will be worth it!

And maybe you want to suggest some bimbo dolls on Instagram I should follow? Please let me know!

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2 thoughts on “PBA Transmission

  1. Putting those square previews on Instagram has highlighted a few articles I’ve not read before. So thank you for that.

    However I would have preferred a better structure here to look through or list articles.

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