Bimbo role model – Cansu Demirhas Tuzak

Our last post about the question whether bimbos should blonde or not seems to be quite controversial, although the vast majority of you guys seems to agree with my opinion. However, I thought to myself, why not only kill two birds with one stone – but maybe even three? First off, the rolemodel we are talking about today, is a princess of 1001 night I wanted to talk about for a long time, since I started my tumblr-blog to be exact. Secondly, although she didn’t fit our last series about the perfect bimbo tits, she is indeed a very suitable rolemodel for our current series about the perfect bimbo make up. And thirdly – why not have another non-blonde bimbo rolemodel now, for everyone who disagrees with our last article? Cansu Demirhas Tuzak is likewise a mystery and a bimbo-star: Her pictures, especially closeups of her angelic face, with her pervasive eyes have been circulating in the online bimbo community for years and were already shared, reblogged and liked immensely when I entered the stage and created my very first tumblr-account to join the internet bimbo family. This is quite an achievement in itself, for a girl who only has mildly enhanced tits and not a rack like Danielle Derek or Candy Charms, and distinguishes her popularity as a proof that there are further interests in the bimbo community than just giant tits, and that it takes much more than that to be regarded as a true bimbo doll. However, despite her prominence, there are only very few things known about her we could consider facts. What I believe to know: Cansu is half Turkish, half Swiss, is living in Switzerland and has the reputation of being a fairly well known “it- and party-girl” there (maybe someone from Switzerland can enlighten me). That’s it (apart from her appearance in a…. well….indifferent Swiss rap music video…). Like with our last rolemodel, Laura (Lolly) Catherine Vinicombe, it is even extremely difficult to determine her real social media channels (like her official Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc.), because her pictures get stolen in masses, spreading hundreds of fake accounts all over the net and spawning fake profiles on every social media platform. This has, of course, a reason: The sheer beauty of this girl is absolutely intangible. If one would ever imagine a crossover of Scheherazade and a bimbo princess – she would look like Cansu. Her beforementioned angel-like face stands out through absolute perfection and heavenly beauty, unmatched by most other female humans on this planet. Very rarely I speak about the eyes of a girl, but in this case I just have to mention it: The pervasive, thrilling and incisive eyes of this beauty are even more alluring, than her mildly enhanced, but perfectly shaped lips. The whole appeal of her harmonious, perfectly-proportioned face is mindblowingly supported by her insane make up skills (or the skills of her make up artists): THIS IS HOW IT SHOULD LOOK LIKE, girls! Cansu pays attention to ALL bimbo rules of make up, and she does it with immaculateness. The style she is wearing, belongs to the (classy) bimbo princess look we will talk about in part 31 of our ongoing series about bimbo make up – and she is a very fitting and suitable rolemodel for this style. Pay attention to the detail, the elaboration and the flawlessness of her make up and take it as your prime example! If you aren’t doing it this way, you are doing it wrong! This is how a bimbo princess should look EVERY, SINGLE DAY – no matter what she is up to, and Cansu does respect this requirement. Be like her! In addition, the mild amount of arrogance she always maintains on her face, is the perfect standard expression for such a bimbo princess. It is difficult to talk about something else, when you got the feeling that there should be hundreds of poets, writing hundreds of books alone about the beauty of her face, but we will continue and have a look at the rest of this dream: Cansus overall body shape is flawless. That’s it. This is how the physique and the build of a bimbo doll should look like. Not a pound to much, and not a pound too little. Every girl should work out her ass off, until her body looks like this. It’s just perfect. However, as I already mentioned, Cansu has some mildly enhanced tits – does she need bigger ones? Yes, absolutely! As perfect as the shape of her body is, she definitely needs way, WAY bigger tits, at least until she fulfills the basic rule for bimbos about the size of tits. Apart from that, she has an amazing, flat belly (without any disturbing muscles), the extent and appeal of her arms is perfect, her waist and her hips have perfect proportions, and her ass is something to die for, as well as her legs. In addition, Cansu completes her amazing make up, with fantastic bimbo suitable outfits, short skirts and dresses, revealing tops, high heels and MUCH jewelry (love her love for those big hoop earrings!). Last question here: Should she go blonde? Well, yes, of course 🙂 – and in fact, she already tried that. There are some pictures of her to be found in which she showcases beautiful, long blonde hair. As much as I love the appeal of her long, raven-black, hair – I have to say that she did look even better as a blonde…. as always 😉

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