Femininity Over Feminism

We all know what the traditional gender symbols mean:

The male symbol represents the planet, or the god of war Mars. The circle is meant to be a Greek round shield and the arrow is his spear.

Fittingly the female symbol represents the planet, or the goddess of love and beauty – Venus. It resembles her bronze mirror with a handle. The evening star, the brightest and most beautiful light we can see from earth by night (apart from the moon, of course)… a very flattering symbol, if you ask me.

However, nowadays, most females don’t look at that symbol with pride and respect. Instead, in these times, we often see a corrupted and perverted variation of this traditional symbol: The brutal, martial and downright ugly symbol of feminism. Am I the only one who gets the impression that this clenched fist seems to smash the mirror? It would not surprise me if this symbolic meaning was implemented with intention, looking at all the efforts of the militant and fanatic arms of this movement to destroy everything one would consider feminine and full of female beauty and sexappeal. Is it really necessary to become a brutal, unfeminine, hateful monster to reclaim your sexuality and to be proud of who you are? Instead of smashing the female mirror of beauty, wouldn’t it be much more positive and powerful to BE PROUD of it? Proud of all the elements we consider feminine and full of female beauty and grace? You don’t have to associate with a militant and martial clenched fist! Instead, you, as a true, feminine bimbo doll, accept your femininity, you honor it and you are proud of it! You don’t smash the mirror, you don’t try to destroy the symbol of your persona, YOU raise it up into the air – proud and brave, for everyone to see! This is why I came up with a new symbol… because I had to determine, that there really wasn’t a symbol for proud, feminine females who don’t want to associate with this self-destroying terror… yet. So, here it is, the pristine, glaring and sparkling mirror of Venus – proudly raised into the air by a female hand that belongs to a female who doesn’t reject the feminine elements – but embraces them! I created a huge variety of different items with this print – so if your want to express your female pride – and if you want to support the Pink Bimbo Academy: Have a look at my merch shop! There you will find many products with this new symbolf of hope and honor! A symbol for true bimbos!


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