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Sometimes, coincidentally, multiple things align in exactly the right way: We haven’t had a style check in a LONG time, I’m really up for writing a new style check (doesn’t happen that often) AND a loyal reader of the PBA sent me a suggestion for a new style check. So, yeah – we’ll have a new style check! Like I said, this picture was suggested to me, and because I didn’t have another urgent styling example, I said to myself: “Hey, why not?”, and here we are. Why exactly this picture? I have no idea. Let’s just go with it:

Beginning from head to toe – like always, we’ll have a look at the hair of this young lady, which isn’t really that optimal. It is very hard to be sure, but there are some things we have to assume that should be different in order to be bimbo suitable: 1. Her hair seems to be brunette, or at least dirty blond at best, which is not the optimal choice for a bimbo as we all know. 2. Though it is difficult to say, her hair doesn’t seem to be that long, reaching just over her shoulders. Getting very long, platinum blond extension would solve another problem we are encountering here: 3. Her hair seems to be very thin, which is a real issue! Last, but not least, the main trouble, directly connected to the overall appeal of her face: Just some time ago, we spoke about face shapes of bimbos, where we analyzed all the different forms of faces there are, including their positives and negatives and how to encounter the subpar aspects of every shape in order to achieve a bimbo suitable, perfect visual appeal. This girl seems to have the “inverted triangle” face shape, which isn’t easy to deal with! Apart from letting her makeup work in her favor, the main tool for dealing with this special face shape is hair styling! You see, the big problem of the inverted triangle, is the very prominent forehead, which should be concealed with some kind of benefitial, beautiful and cute hairstyle. In this case, however, the young lady decided to just comb her hair back, which emphasizes her forehead even more! An elaborate hairstyle with massive extensions would work wonders here! The makeup in general seems to be “okay”, although it could be much more elaborate and much heavier! A true flaw are her thin and not very feminine lips! I would suggest massive lip fillers and the extensive use of the techniques we talked about in out last post of the PBA bimbo makeup series! Also, her nose should be more of a “snub nose”… in this picture it is lacking any sweet, feminine, cute curve…

Thumbs up for the perfect choice regarding the jewelry she is wearing! The crystal choker may very well be a thin version of the very bimbo suitable Swarovski crystal choker we talked about some time ago, which goes very well together with the fitting bracelet, her earrings and the cute, filigree necklace she is wearing. Very bimbo appropriate, sparkling, glittering, sweet, feminine and elegant! This girl has a VERY nice body shape! Toned, slim, feminine and firm, with beautiful, sexy legs, slender arms, a nice belly and well shaped waist – exactly like it should be! Of course: Her tits are WAY too small! We are talking about way, way, waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too small! This girl is worlds apart from the general rule for bimbos regarding the minimum breast size, which is not acceptable! So – huge implants should be the main objective for this girl. The dress is a very good choice for a bimbo girl and seems to be the only piece of fabric she is wearing (no bra, no panties), which is very welcomed. A soft, delicate pink supports the girly appeal and the overall very lightweight appearance of this piece, revealing a good amount of cleavage with a nice length. The main attraction of this dress is, of course, the sidewise slit, revealing her legs and her ass, which is extremely welcomed and VERY bimbo suitable – and this makes it even more sad, that this girl seems to need some additional tutoring on how to sit like a bimbo – in a way that would reveal even more of her legs and her ass. Her handbag matches the color of her dress and her long french nails (well done!), and is therefore a perfect accessory to finish the overall style. Do we miss something? Well, of course, yes: We can’t see what shoes she is wearing. We give her the benefit of the doubt and assume she is wearing the literal ONLY option in connection with this style: Some high, stiletto pumps, either with glittering and sparkling, soft pink rhinestones or matching the soft pink color of the dress in general. I just said “the only option” – however, the Steve Madden “Teena” sandals we were talking about some time ago would also be a suitable choice.

This wraps it up – overall a very nice style and pretty useful for a bimbo, especially if she is about to go to some kind of “prom evening” or special, elegant event like that. Not bad, not bad…

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