The PBA Guide to Bimbo Makeup – 8. Making your lips bigger with makeup

The significance of the lips of a bimbo is not to be underestimated! Arguably, the lips are the most important feature of the face of a bimbo (at LEAST as important as her eyes!) and most certainly one of her most important trademarks and properties overall, directly following her tits! The tits of a bimbo and her lips have many things in common, apart from their general significance:

1. The bigger, the better – or “more is more”!

2. The lips of a bimbo, as well as her tits, have to be enhanced in multiple ways, including artificial procedures! (Read the PBA Perfect Bimbo Tits series!) This is practically a mandatory part of the Bimbo definition (of the PBA!)

3. Both elements make use of “the three pillars of bimbofication“, benefitting from surgical enhancements, postures, supplements, natural procedures, artificial interventions, rituals and… makeup!

Why the lips of a bimbo are so important and what that means in terms of femininity, beauty and bimbofication will be discussed in a future series, very likely named “The PBA Perfect Bimbo Lips series”, so for now, you just have to believe me and go with the flow. Within our PBA Makeup series, we already encountered the use of makeup as an opportunity and tool to reshape and RESCALE certain facial and body features, whereas unfavourable elements are visually “shrunk down” and made more cute, tiny and sweet (like the nose of a bimbo) or, on the other end, dealing with very important and flattering elements, scaled up and made more prominent and striking:

21. The perfect bimbo tits – Increasing size with optical illusions (make up)

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So, following the instructions above, should be part of your DAILY makeup routine! Yes – following the 5 basic rules of bimbo makeup, a bimbo has to wear a complete, full and sophisticated makeup EVERY day (which is also part of another VERY basic rule), which also means, that a bimbo doesn’t focus on just one feature of her face – but on EVERY feature! A sophisticated eye makeup (like described here and here), which also has to be applied every day, doesn’t mean you don’t have to draw attention to your lips! A bimbo DOES NOT follow that “styling rule for normal girls”! She always tries to emphasize EVERY positive feature, which means that she always draws attention to her eyes AND to her lips. A general goal of a complete lip-makeup is to let your lips appear as big, full, voluminous and round as possible. Here the same law applies as the one we already talked about regarding the tits of a bimbo: Yes – it is mandatory to get huge breastimplants – but still, every bimbo has to emphasize her tits with make up regularly (plus the natural procedures, styling choices, etc. we talked about!) – additionally! If we utilize this for the lips of a bimbo, it should sound like this: Yes, a bimbo has to get hyaluronan injections and/or lip-implants (like bimbo rolemodel Aletta Ocean), she has to treat her lips with additional products and techniques to let them appear as big, puffy, smooth, round and perfect as possible, BUT she also has to support this look with a sophisticated makeup that lets them appear even bigger, smoother, rounder and generally more “fake”!!! So, no matter what style you are going for, what color you are using, no matter if lipstick or lipgloss – this procedure has to be a part of your styling! Always! Remember: Every man should only have to options looking at your face and lips: Thinking about kissing you or thinking about his cock between your lips! Both can be achieved by respecting these very basic rules and by applying these techniques. “Dick Sucking Lips” or “DSL” are a dictum in the bimbofication community, and making them bigger with makeup is just one necessary element to get true bimbo DSL! Oh yes… after you applied your makeup according to these instructions… this would be a good occasion to practice the basic bimbo facial expression again… with some big, smooth, puffy, huge looking lips – this is truly an amazing sight to behold.

A VERY good videotutorial, regarding the over- and underlining and the applying of the fake shadow can be found here! Even the “breastlift for your lips” mentioning comes from that! Be sure to leave a follow!

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