The PBA Guide to Bimbo Makeup – 13. Aspects: Eyebrows

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Todays make up article directly connects to the lesson paper we had some days ago. This is not a coincidence, just another case of the PBA following a greater plan to explain the complete process of bimbofication as comprehensible and logical as possible. Of course in this article, we are not going to talk about the need for a bimbo to get rid of every single hair and the very human fuzz on her body below her lower eyeline, but solely about the hair between her upper eyeline and her scalp hair, namely: The eyebrows.

Before we talk about the perfect bimbo eyebrows, let us talk about the absolute WORST case (and why this is such a bimbo unsuitable condition) and nowadays standard. Very big, broad, bushy and dense eyebrows or monobrows are generally regarded as an indicator for a primitive, coarse and backward human being – which might sound mean, but actually is founded in absolutely conceivable sources: Like already hinted at in the before mentioned lesson paper, overly pronounced body hair is a relic of our ancestors and forefathers, the primitive homini who climbed from the trees and managed to make use of the first primitive tools ans wooden clubs to bash the heads of their rivals. This does obviously apply for eyebrows, however, there is also an additional factor that emphasises this even more: These very early relatives of the human race did possess very pronounced, enlarged brow ridges, standing out cranial bones, leading to a bulging outgrowth, covered with dense, bushy, big brows, letting the eyes appear small and hidden (which ties to ANOTHER PBA make up article). In the process of our evolution, we lost these bulging brow ridges, thankfully, but the archeological facts together with the artistic renditions of those early humans stick in our minds and let us always make the connection between primitive humans and those big, pronounced, bushy brows covering a sturdy and coarse skull that is anything but elegant, dainty or graceful. Following a trend in the 90s, when the general public and most female celebrities as well as some well known bimbo role models did get rid of their eyebrows completely, replacing them with artificial, fine and thin lines, drawn with makeup, one might think, that humanity recognised once and for all the absolutely shameful and unfavourable visual appeal of natural, big and/or bushy eyebrows as well as the connected connotations, but NOT EVEN CLOSE! Very recently, we had a comeback of HUGE, natural and bushy eyebrows, covering the eyes of female celebrities – which is not only a huge step back, but also a visual tragedy AND pure travesty regarding how the media and the general public CELEBRATED the acceptance and the exhibition of this unappealing, primitive and simply disgusting bankruptcy of western femininity as something “stunning and brave” (as they always do when something TERRIBLE happens!). It’s a joke – and may very well be the exact opposite of what a true, feminine bimbo doll should do. Luckily, this trend has calmed down a little, so we are now back where we started, dealing with trimmed, but still naturally growing, broad eyebrows, which is still far behind the feminine awakening we had in the 90s. Cultivating the natural growth of eyebrows, letting them be – broad or even bushy, places you directly besides and between your Neanderthalian ancestors and your early tree-climbing forefathers – a place where no feminine being and surely no bimbo should sit. So, what do we have on the other side? Well the first place to go, thinking about bimbo standards is always the artificial look and style of the artificial role models bimbos should strive after: Brats, Barbie, (Barbie not so much anymore these days…), etc. What do we see here? It is no surprise to see how the designers of these dolls did form the eyebrows. Thin, swung, swift, elegant, feminine, smooth and fine – following the logical consequences of human evolution, away from those primitive beginnings, towards sophisticated, graceful and dainty looks. Combining these founded ideas about feminine elegance and beauty, with the decisions legendary bimbo role models already made in the 90s, the path to go becomes very clear: GET RID OF YOUR NATURAL EYEBROWS – and replace them with artificial, BETTER, new ones! Use makeup, permanent makeup or even tattoo to achieve this! Not a single hair shall deface the area between you upper eyeline and your scalp hair! Just an elegant, smooth, swift, swung, thin and fine line! This enhances your doll-like, artificial appearance and distances you as far as possible from those primitive and unappealing roots we came from, instead, showcasing elegant, feminine, artificial perfection! The details go like this:

Your eyebrows have to be thinner than your natural eyebrows. They have to be dramatic, elegantly swung lines. They have to be wider than your eyes. They have to be slightly above your natural eyebrows (“Highbrows”), letting your eyes appear bigger and more open, as well as providing more area for additional makeup between your eyebrows and your eyelid. They have to complement your face shape. For detailed instructions, read the papers above!    

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