Bimbo role model – Lovette

As most of you know, from time to time we are talking about some classic bimbo rolemodels here at the Pink Bimbo Academy (the last one can be found here). Bimbo princesses and beauties from the past, the forerunners and pioneers of the bimbofication culture, and this time, we once again, are going to talk about one of my absolute all-time favorite bimbos: Lovette!

One thing is always for sure when we talk about these classic bimbos from the early 90s to the early 2000s: Their taste in clothes, their ability to coordinate colors and styles effectively is always on point as well as their uncompromising choice of only bimbo suitable fashion pieces: ALWAYS proper high heels, from the classic, black pumps over bimbo suitable white heels to stripper shoesfine stockings and garter beltsALWAYS short and tight dresses or miniskirts – these girls KNEW how to dress, compared to the awful dress sense of nowadays girls. Of course, this is also true for Lovette: This doll absolutely gets to the heart of truly feminine styling! Many of the most basic rules for girls of the PBA could be directly derived from her wardrobe: ALWAYS high heels (often white, bimbo suitable heels), never pants, always tight and short dresses, stockings – you get the deal. Most modern girls should learn how to dress by just looking at Lovettes choices regarding fashion pieces. But what else do we have?

Silly question, just look at this beauty: Beautiful, pristine, long, blond hair and such a lovely face. The most amazing aspect of her face is her absolutely cute, lovely expression! This doll always expressed that bimbo typical positive, joyful and sweet attitude we all want to see, just with her smile and her jaunty countenance. But I am sure, you didn’t look at that beautiful face for long: Of course, a girl can never be a bimbo doll without some huge, bulging breastimplants! While Lovette surely did not possess the biggest silicone implants amongst the “bimboish” porn actresses from the mid 90s to the mid 2000s, the volume of her tits still let her get away with the rightful designation “bimbo princess” – which doesn’t mean she shouldn’t have gone far bigger! These enhanced tits graced a very well maintained body (without a single tattoo!!! I wish todays girls would take a leaf out of her book regarding THAT!), which got the sober designation “average” on the Boobpedia, but I personally would absolutely tag that bodyshape with the label “pretty good”: Especially her legs and her ass were absolutely amazing, and even her belly was flat and without any fat back in her glory days – like it should always be.

In the end, what matters most, is the ensemble, the general, overall impression, and this is where Lovette truly shines: What a joyful, positive, feminine beauty, with a very nice body shape, the perfect attitude, some big, enhanced tits, long blond hair and a stunning, great taste for clothes and styling, from which nowadays girls could and should learn a lesson or two. We tend to forget the rolemodels of the past and most girls nowadays just ignore the achievements of those forerunners in a pretty disrespectful, dismissive way – a course of events I would like to stop with my classic rolemodel posts here at the Pink Bimbo Academy. Before you girls continue to “do it your way” – pause for a moment to think: Maybe, JUST MAYBE, there is a valid reason, why those girls from the past, those amazing, graceful, sexy icons of femininity are considered to be MUCH more feminine, attractive, sexy and desirable than 95% of the “females” today… Now, you can either continue to wear your ugly sneakers, your atrocious, unfeminine jeans, your blinkered “own style” and your ignorant personality, lying to yourself that you actually do have a well-developed sense of style, a good taste in fashion and that you “just do your thing”… or you can look at these saints of femininity and bimbofication, LEARN from them and become an actually feminine, sexy, beautiful, graceful girl… or even – a bimbo doll. It’s your choice.

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