Bimbo role model – Ashley Kimberly Klohe Skönhet

After the last spotlight and interview with Swedish/German bimbo doll Sophia Eden, we stay in Sweden and talk about another beautiful, big titted, blonde, bimbo rolemodel: Here we have Ashley Kimberly Klohe Skᴏ̈nhet! Considering there aren’t so many well known bimbos coming from Scandinavia, I may run out of rolemodels coming from the northern hemisphere soon if I continue to talk about them regularly, regarding we just had a look at bimbo princess Amanda Ahola from Finland too…

However, how can you NOT talk about a girl that has an Instagram bio saying “Playboy Model / Model / Barbiegirl” and “Living doll & Human Barbie”? Overall, this is exactly what we are looking for and what we love to talk about here at the Pink Bimbo Academy! So we continue with our “Scandinavian bimbos”-theme and examine what the great, wide North has to offer. Like you would expect from a Scandinavian beauty as well as from a bimbo doll in general, Ashley possesses some really, really, beautiful, really, really long, really, really blond hair – exactly like it should be. The “cliches” don’t stop there – Ashleys big, ice-blue eyes are more or less exactly what you would think of, if someone would ask you about the first eye color coming to your mind, thinking about “the bimbo queen of the North”. Her sweet and snubby Barbie-nose and her huge, enhanced lips complete the beautiful face of this doll. If you have a look at Ashleys Instagram, you will know what we are going to talk about next, because her upcoming body-aspects claim most of the space in most of her uploaded pictures, which makes it absolutely clear that this girl knows how important it is to showcase those: Her huge, enhanced bimbo tits! I’m not joking, the vast majority of Kimberlys Instagram uploads look virtually identical, apart from changing clothes and hairstyling, regarding the framing and what you can see of her body. This is equally frustrating (because I would absolutely love to see more “full-body-shots” of her in bimbo suitable outfits and heels) and pleasing, because, like I said, her enhanced, big boobs are always the center of attention and the main focus of every shot, exactly like it should be. Are these tits bimbo adequate? Yes, most likely – although the standard perspective she uses does let them appear bigger as they are… does she need even bigger tits? Well, of course! But on the other hand: Which bimbo doesn’t? Following her amazing, big bimbo tits, there is an absolutely toned and fit body that deserves much respect, with a very nice hip to waist ratio, an amazing ass and a flat belly – which is an absolute must have for a true bimbo doll. Lastly, there are her beautiful, sexy, long legs, which, sadly, we don’t see so often. Now, I would usually talk about the style of our rolemodel, but sadly, there isn’t so much to say this time, because of the already mentioned modus operandi of taking pictures Ashley goes with. And that’s also the overall tone of this rolemodel post: There is not much information about this beauty out there, in comparison to our last rolemodel, so I can’t really shed more light on her for now… no interviews… no documentaries and even no other social media channels I know of. However, I wanted to post this article nevertheless because of two reasons: 1. As mentioned in the introduction, I wanted to conclude our short excerpt regarding Scandinavian bimbo girls – and 2. I wanted to get back to posting more again slowly… so this isn’t bad for now before I am able to spend some more time again on writing longer articles and more posts 😉

I hope you enjoyed our short journey to the cold North (remember, Winter is coming… no, really… very soon!), looking at some of the beautiful, big titted, blond bimbo beauties there (speaking of Ashley here, Sophia Eden and of course, Amanda Ahola). I am sure we will return in the future, however, for now we will return to other topics here at the PBA, so stay tuned and stick with me… and remember to follow our beautiful bimbo queens of the northern hemisphere!

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