The PBA Guide to Bimbo Makeup – 19. Lipstick / Lipgloss / Lipliner

Wearing red lipstick, in my opinion, is the simplest way to make an impact. As soon as I slick it on, I feel instantly pulled together, more powerful, more womanly. I wear it almost every day.” – Rita Ora

Lipstick is a symbol. The kiss mouth created by it, the unique visual appeal of the item, the procedure of applying it… all of this is a symbol of femininity and female sex appeal. There is simply nothing comparable to this – nothing even remotely similar! Think about it: The act of applying lipstick has something inherently erotic and even dangerous: It is like watching an assassin loading his weapon, like looking at a panther, tensening its limbs, preparing to jump at its prey. The act itself is so deeply erotic and feminine, that men witnessing this procedure are often and usually paralyzed and literally stunned by it. What is the reason for this? First and foremost, lipstick is still regarded as something solely used by females – used to strengthen the femininity of the wearer and make her more attractive and sexy. I mentioned it is like watching a killer preparing his weapon – and that is exactly what it is: Like her legs, the lips of a girl are a weapon. Something she can use to make men lose their minds – and applying lipstick is the act of chambering a round or cocking and rotating the cylinder of a revolver. The fact that every man is so paralyzed by this act, results from the impression, that the male observer shares a very intimate moment of preparation before she strikes, which makes it so powerful and enchanting. When lips are the weapon of a bimbo – then lipstick is the ammunition! But it doesn’t stop there! The kiss mouth I mentioned earlier, produced by the residues of lipstick pressed on a surface is and ever was a symbol of feminine affection, intimacy and worked as an unspoken promise: A love letter, signed with this symbol, evoked the strong sexual desire and lust that incited men to commit heroic deeds or big fooleries over centuries. In modern times, it has become a trope in modern media: Think about all the movies, shows and comics, in which a left behind kiss mouth on a mirror, a letter or a window serves as a powerful signature or claim of an overly feminine, sexy and confident female! Female characters without a strong sexual , feminine attitude never make use of this in modern media – and that is not without a reason! Lipstick IS the expression of a strong, feminine, sexually empowered character – which is why every bimbo has to wear lipstick/lipgloss every single day – always – as part of her daily make up routine.

As the incredible Elizabeth Taylor said, ‘Pour yourself a drink, put on some lipstick, and pull yourself together.’ A slick of red lipstick instantly makes you feel sexier, empowered and like you can take on the world.” – Celebrity make-up artist Charlotte Tilbury

Sure, it is all about lips – but we talked about that before, so please make sure to read the respective articles beforehand, so we can continue to talk about one of the mightiest arms in the arsenal of a women: Lipstick and lipgloss!

The PBA Guide to Bimbo Makeup – 12. Aspects: Lips

The PBA Guide to Bimbo Makeup – 8. Making your lips bigger with makeup

Okay, now you know about the absolutely massive importance of “big, dick-sucking-lips” for a bimbo and why they play a crucial and vital role when it comes to the attraciveness, the feminine emanation and the sex appeal of a bimbo. Like I said, lips may very well be the second most important feature (following her enhanced tits) of a bimbo, that can and should be enhanced and augmented with different techniques, like lipfillers, injections, natural procedures (we will talk about all of this in a future series about the perfect bimbo lips!) and – of course, make up! The most important tools here are lipstick, lipgloss and lipliner, which are consolidated for now under the term “lipstick”, because all of them serve the same purpose: Making your lips look bigger, juicier, healthier, fuller, better shaped and give them a pristine, perfect and beautiful form, texture, color and look. The effect of these tools is absolutely undeniable, with many studies backing it up:

50 men were shown pictures of females wearing lipstick in different colors (red and pink) or no lipstick at all. Though most men do not admit that they favor girls wearing lipstick, the results were very clear: Men spent 7.3 seconds looking at the women wearing red lipstick, 6.7 seconds at pink lipped females and only 2.2 seconds (!) at those who wore no lipstick at all! This study, created by the University of Manchester connects to another professional, French examination: Waitresses with red lipstick were tipped by men 50% of the time, while women with brown or no lipstick were tipped only 30% of the time. Asked later about this, all men answered, that they found the women with red lipstick to be more attractive. There are MANY studies supporting this – even personal experiences from female journalists who wrote about these effects – but does it really shock you? Of course not.

This study proves that lips represent one of the most sensual aspects of a woman’s body and play a critical role in human sexual attraction. Full and red lips combined deliver the perfect pout to achieve male fixation, but women who simply wear lipstick – regardless of their lip type – secure significantly greater levels of attraction than those who do not.” – Dr. Geoff Beattie, leader of the Manchester University research team (Daily Mail – “The lips have it: Research shows men are drawn to a woman’s pout more than any other facial feature”)

According to these studies, the lips of a women are the most attractive part of her body, which leads to the fact, that when meeting the average man for the first time, he will spend more than half of the time of the first ten seconds, gazing at your mouth. Like we have seen by now, the perceived attractiveness of your lips increases (more than 40%!) once lipstick is applied – leading to even more attention drawn to your lips. This is a welcomed effect, which is why bimbo rolemodels like Marilyn Monroe was basically never seen without lipstick and bimbo rolemodel Pamela Anderson appearing for her first appearance on Baywatch with make up and lipstick on, despite the forbiddance of the producers to wear any make up at all. As we all know: She got the role and became a legend and icon of sexappeal and femininity.

There you have it – the lips of a bimbo are one of her most powerful weapons and more or less THE most attractive part of her body – and women have enhanced this feature for thousands of years by applying lipstick and color to them. So – let us have a look at these “wonder weapons” in detail:

Beauty, to me, is about being comfortable in your own skin. That, or a kick-ass red lipstick!” – Gwyneth Paltrow

Like stated before, the arsenal is divided into three main weapons: Lipstick, lipgloss and lipliner – and every bimbo should make use of all three of them – but surely, one thing has to be more favorable than the other, huh?


Let’s get the easy one out of the way before we dive into the real meat of this: Lipliner is not a main tool – it is more of an auxillary weapon that can and should be used with both – lipstick and lipgloss – ALL the time, to support the overall appeal. Lipliner is a precision tool – an utility that serves 2 major purposes: 1. It limits the coverage of lipstick and lipgloss, preventing the edges from becoming eroded and irregular, giving your lips a sharp and defined edge and 2. it is used to “sculpt” your lips, letting them appear bigger, fuller and to specify the overall shape and appeal of your lips. Because of this intended purpose, the lipliner is formed like a pencil, allowing precise and detailed work. Be sure to check out the crucial PBA lesson about letting your lips appear bigger as they are, to get an idea of how this tool is used in a bimbo suitable way. The use of this tool is absolutely mandatory and provides great benefits for every bimbo!


This is more or less the default choice for every beauty-aware female. Lipstick-like products were used by females for thousands of years and are still THE go-to for women who want to weaponize their lips today – even though fewer and fewer females appreciate this tool. Lipsticks come in many different variations, but in general, lipsticks have a less glossier finish than lipglosses (although there are glossy lipsticks, as well as satin, sheer, frosted, creamy, semi-matte and matte variants), but more pigmentation than lipgloss, which makes the color more popping, saturated and brighter. The most frequently uttered benefit of lipstick compared to lipgloss is the high staying-on power: Lipgloss tends to come off much faster than lipstick does.


Sadly, even rarer used than lipstick nowadays, is lipgloss. Why “sadly”? Well, we come to that in a second, let us first talk about its properties: As the name implies, lipgloss has an ultra glossy, wet finish, that lets your lips appear wet, shiny and – of course – glossy. If you read the beforementioned articles, by now, you know that this effect is exactly what a bimbo should go for, which makes lipgloss far more favorable than lipstick in general (even glossy lipsticks can’t compare), but like I said, we come to that shortly. Although the finish is most benefitial for a bimbo, the lack in pigmentation is a clear disadvantage compared to lipsticks – as well as the weak staying-on power. However, we can work around that, something we will talk about after we had our first look at these products. The most important property, apart from the glossy look, is the heavy consistency, or as “Mented Cosmetics” puts it: “Glosses are heavier than lipsticks. Some lipglosses are so thick as to be gooey and rather sticky (…)” – which is exactly what we want.

Lipstick OR lipgloss?

This is the real question. Opinions differ on this, and every girl will come up with her own answer. But we wouldn’t be at the Pink Bimbo Academy, if we wouldn’t be able to come up with a definite answer and maybe even a “compromise” uniting the benefits of both worlds. First and foremost: Yes – lipgloss is FAR more suitable for bimbos! The shiny, glossy appeal, the heavy, gooey consistency, the thick layer of reflecting color is EXACTLY the effect a bimbo has to go for! We talked about this before, in the article about bimbo lips, where we stated:

Your lips have to be clean, flawless, pristine and remind everyone of an artificial, plastic surface! What does this mean? Ideally, your lips are just one, domed, bulging but homogenous, even surface without ANY wrinkles, lip lines or imperfections. This means, a bimbo has to get rid of these “wrinkles and liplines” at any cost.”


Make heavy use of lip plumbers and covering, thick lipsticks! Remember the five basic rules of bimbo makeup: MORE IS MORE! There is NEVER enough! In addition to the beforementioned treatments and techniques, just use massive and thick layers of lip plumbers, lipgloss and lipstick to cover ALL imperfections, wrinkles and lip lines! Try to achieve the look of a perfect, even, flawless and pristine surface!


Whether we are talking about kissing or blowjobs – all of that is a rather wet and moisty matter. What did we want to remind everyone of by looking at your lips? Oh, yes! Exactly that: Kissing and blowjobs! Like already said – this is the main goal of the impression of your lips. So it is no wonder, that keeping them juicy, and more important, wet and glossy is extremely important. This is exactly why “nude”, “natural” or “dry” looking styles are NOT the preferable option for a bimbo when it comes to her lip makeup!

and finally

The lips of a bimbo ALWAYS have to look glossy, wet and shiny! Ideally, her lips look like a puffy, big, “O”-shaped, pristine and flawless surface made of shiny, glossy plastic, covered with a glittering, translucent, wet liquid. This does not only keep up the connection to wet kisses and blowjobs, it also resembles that welcomed “plastic appealfar more than brittle, rough, dry, dull and toneless natural/nude styles.

It becomes clear, that these effects are only provided by heavy use of lipgloss. When I say “heavy”, I mean “HEAVY”! But can’t we find a way to combine the benefits of both tools? Sure! So, brace yourself for the ONE AND ONLY WAY a bimbo should enhance her lips with make up each and every day:

MAKE USE OF BOTH TOOLS! Use lipstick as the foundation and make use of the high pigmentation of this product! Cover your lips fully, in a thick layer of bright, saturated lipstick first. This serves as the base for your lipgloss and provides it with a strong color. After that, apply a thick (!!!) layer of glossy, shimmering, colored lipgloss to achieve the flawless, shiny, plastic-like appearance we want to see. Make sure the colors match and result in a pristine, heavy, saturated, wet and glossy look. Make use of lipliner to perfect the style and follow the PBA lesson about letting your lips appear bigger as they are! This is part of your mandatory, daily make up routine!

The color and the effects

We already talked about the stunning effect red lipstick can have – but it can not be overestimated how powerful this color is – The “Red effect” is a real thing. So, yes, red is the most obvious choice for a bimbo, but that doesn’t mean it’s the only choice. Earlier in this text, we saw that pink colored lips also have a very strong effect and especially for bimbos, this is a no brainer. We talked about the benefits of the color pink before too, so this absolutely is a very viable option for a true bimbo girl. What else is left? Ah, yes, of course: Gimbos. Do I even have to say it out loud? Sure thing, black is the way to go. About this we also already talked about, so make sure to read about the benefits of the color black for gimbos (and bimbos can profit from this too) and make use of them when it comes to your lips in combination with a hot, gimbo suitable outfit and make up style. Above you can see the “allowed” colors for bimbos and gimbos when it comes to lips, which lets me conclude with the colors bimbos and gimbos are NOT allowed to wear on their lips: ANYTHING ELSE! Yes, you heard me right. Sure, there might be situations, in which the use of precious metals is the most benefitial choice (golden or silver glitter on your lips can be very sexy, when combined with the correct outfit and style!), but in general, no other color than the ones shown above is allowed, which includes berry tones, matte or dark colors, desaturated colors, nude colors or crazy colors like blue or green. Let your lips shine, make them as big, glossy, saturated, obvious, shiny, flawless, perfect, pristine and plastic like as possible! THIS is the bimbo way to go and the correct way to perfect bimbo lips!

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  1. Love this write up! I actually prefer that lipgloss doesn’t have good staying power. More opportunities to reapply in front of men is a no brainer. 😉 Take advantage of it!

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