Bimbo role model – Pamela Denise Anderson

Happy Birthday to me – respectively, to the Pink Bimbo Academy! Exactly one year ago, went online! Although this project is already much older, being created in August 2015 and with the first real post on June 16 2016 on tumblr, I feel the real anniversary here is the date when the PBA spread its wings and established itself outside of a shielded blogsphere, becoming a self sufficient project, especially after the great tumblr purge. In this one year, we managed to accomplish quite a lot, and I dare to say, that this site has become a fairly well known and frequently visited space in the online bimbofication community. At least the numbers of visitors increased steadily over that year and once in a while, every now and then, I saw independent mentions of the PBA in bimbofication related places online, which makes me really proud. What also makes me really proud, are the evidence that this project helped many bimbo-curious girls, bimbo trainees and established bimbo girls to enhance themselves and optimize their bimbofication even further. Also, I got many messages of bimbo trainers, who use my articles and content to train their girls and to streamline the bimbofication of their trainees – Thumbs up, guys! Your’re doing gods work, thank you very much for your trust! Lastly, albeit I don’t have any clues for that, I like to think, that this project has helped some girls to discover bimbofication and to make the decision to become bimbo dolls. A beautiful thought – and I hope there will be many more girls in the future, who didn’t even think about this whole topic before, until they find this site and make up their mind with the goal to become beautiful bimbo princesses. All of this makes me really proud, and gives me the spirit to continue with this project. Thank you very much, to all of you – without you, this wouldn’t be possible. Let’s hope there will be many more years of successful bimbofication stories here on the Pink Bimbo Academy. The last site update happened only a few days ago, so don’t expect big changes in the near future, which doesn’t mean there won’t be some birthday presents for you (just wait for it… there will be a special lesson post next…): Because of this first birthday, I decided to bring you a very special rolemodel post! An article about a doll, which influenced our understanding of bimbos we have today like only few others, lining up with those important, defining rolemodels like Marilyn Monroe and Lolo Ferrari. Today, I present you a crucial bimbo icone, a star of pop culture who helped the aesthetics of “big breasts” and blonde bombshells to break through in the mainstream and who normalized it for men to (more or less) openly admit their love for blonde, big titted girls with puffy lips. This is about bimbo legend Pamela Anderson:

“My breasts have a career. I’m just tagging along.” – Pamela Anderson, Esquire, Jan. 2005

Pamela Denise Anderson is a phenomenon. The Canadian girl who became the definite and ultimate California babe – the epitome of the American dream (girl). Most likely, there are only very few people on this planet who don’t know her name or who wouldn’t recognize her. Pamela is most likely the most famous bimbo of this century – not without a reason. Born on July 1, 1967 in British Columbia, Canada, Pamela didn’t expect to become a world famous icone. Little did she know, that she was destined to change the way society looked at femininity, when the American dream happened to her by sheer accident, as she appeared on JumboTron at a football game, getting noticed immediately, because of her beauty. This happy little accident kickstarted the avalanche of her career, leading to beer advertisements, which then led to the opportunity to model for Playboy in 1989. Success followed hard on the heels of her and seemingly everything she approached would turn out to be a triumph for this girl. In 1990 she was then chosen as Playmate of the year already, which might correlate with her first breast augmentation in that time, catapulting her further up Mount Olympus of modeling. Although she made her first appearance on a TV show in “Home Improvement’s” “Tool Time”, as Tim Allens assistant Lisa, this is not the role people remember and associate with her. Breakthrough occured with this (I know, you can already hear those thundering drums.)! A little known show called “Baywatch” started to take the world by storm and made “Pam” a legend, as well as the iconic red swimsuits and the location of Malibu Beach. Men all over the world, imagined this speck of paradise to be a place where no “normal” girls live, yes, where no medicore females had a right to exist, but only feminine, sexy goddesses with perfect bodies in formfitting swimwear and beautys in bathing suits and bikinis. Despite these uncountable sexy girls wandering the beach and scenes of Baywatch, no one knows how many people, especially men and boys, watched she show solely because of two reasons: Seeing those two breasts in that red swimsuit wobbling up and down in slow motion. Baywatch became one of the most successful series of the 20th century, was broadcasted in 144 countries and watched by over one billion people weekly. It cannot be overestimated what this show and especially Pamela during those times have done for the bimbofication culture. Being a clever girl, Pam knew exactly how a girl should be and how men wanted their women, so she refused to appear in any diminished form in front of the camera: The producers of the show didn’t want her to wear makeup in order to look natural, but the then 25 year-old could never accord to this (like EVERY girl and EVERY bimbo should!) and had other plans. She agreed, but

“[…] then I would go to Lexi’s [makeup artist Alexis Vogel] at three in the morning and she would put eyelashes and liner on me and we just created that look, then I would show up, and they’d go, ‘You’re already wearing makeup!’ and I’d say, ‘No I’m not!” – Pamela Anderson (Interview with Harper’s Bazaar)

This is how a bimbo deals with THAT! Pam enhanced her breasts even more, and although you, as a member of the bimbo community, who is accustomed to far, FAAAR bigger tits, maybe for years, might not be impressed by her rack back then, have to realize, that Pam’s boobs appeared enormous for the mainstream and most people out there. She enhanced herself to a size of 36DDD (before any surgery, she had a natural C-cup) which started a trend all over the world of supersized breast implants: “The phenomenon was to boobs what ‘The Rachel’ was to hair in the 90’s. This surge in cup size increase was most notably seen in Australia where plastic surgeons had to specially import bigger implant sizes from ‘bigger is better’ United States sources because-surprise, surprise-it is the only place where the supersized implants are manufactured. Australia surgeons had to import mega size 1000 ml implants because the demand for them was so high, especially for models.” (Art of Man, Daniel Man M.D.). Can you imagine what this meant for the bimbo culture today and back then? Without her, we wouldn’t have such an amazing beauty standard today in our scene – this is why we absolutely DO NEED rolemodels like her! Her achievements should not be underestimated! After that, Pam started her career in movies. Her first credited roles were in 1993’s Snapdragon and 1994’s Raw Justice in which both she played a prostitute, but one of her most iconic appearances happened in 1996: Who could ever forget THIS? Many people would consider “Barb Wire” a typical 90’s, trashy Sci-Fi movie, but I, personally, have to admit that I like this flick, not just because of pictures like these, but also because of my personal hero and legend Udo Kier, starring as Barb’s assistant and butler (he is amazing, isn’t he?). We won’t deal with Pam’s private life, apart from mentioning that leaked sex tape of her and her former husband Tommy Lee, creating the trope of “the sex tape” and bringing the internet to a complete standstill back in the days when it was released. In many regards, Pamela can be a leading rolemodel for every girl out there, especially girls who do care about animal rights but do want to follow the bimbo lifestyle can look up to her, because Pam always took great efforts to propagate this and managed to live her life as a vegan and strong ambassador of animal-cruelty-free solutions. Pamela Anderson formed the picture of the sexy, blonde bombshell, with her wild, long blonde hair, her beautiful face, her big, puffy, enhanced lips, her pristine, shaped body, her fairly big, enhanced tits, her juicy ass, her long legs, her way of dressing and styling and with her way of looking at femininity:

The true meaning of feminism is this: to use your strong womanly image to gain strong results in society.” – Pamela Anderson

I don’t consider myself a feminist, but I feel very empowered as a woman, and I’ve used all my resources widely. I believe in equality, but that’s just naturally happening. I still want a door opened for me, to be treated like a lady, but I also want equal rights for women, of course.” – Pamela Anderson

Pamela did what most other girls dream of: She managed to become a superstar, world famous, rich and successful, more or less because of her beauty, her sexappeal, her body and most important because of her tits. This would never have happened without her switching to the correct mindset and initiating her own bimbofication. She even got her own cartoon series by Stan Lee, which is very appropriate for young girls who should be introduced to preparing ideals. Whether you like it or not, without Pam, we wouldn’t have the bimbo culture we have today and she did an outstanding job in shaping the way we think about these ideals. If you still don’t believe me, watch this and this again (and maybe this and that… and if you ever wanted to see Pam as a bimbo schoolgirl… then this….. or as a bimbo secretary…..then this….. or as a bimbo Playboy bunny…. then this.) – and think renewed.

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2 thoughts on “Bimbo role model – Pamela Denise Anderson

  1. …Where’s her navel in the first pic? Did it get airbrushed out??

    Full disclosure: I’m not at all in the bimbofication scene, as an outsider, but am fascinated by it and respect it. I’ve got a lot of criticisms, particularly about the PBA itself, but I appreciate you as a resource to learn more about it. I’ve gone through most of the site by now and I haven’t noticed any stance about photoshopping. I can guess you’d dislike it (since you’re about “real” bimbofication and photo editing isn’t “real”), but it’s probably a good idea to make a post about that.

    FWIW, here’s my thoughts on it within the bimbofication community, as an outsider: bimbofication *is* essentially IRL photo editing. If you have to rely on airbrushing or filters beyond just for fun (as in, adding flower crowns or playing around with looks, not hiding pores or increasing breast size!), then it shouldn’t be allowed by PBA standards, or by any standards that revolve around reality rather than fantasy. You should be modifying your body, not your photos. I don’t think we can fault Pamela Anderson for this, though, as most professional models, at least in a North American context, have no control over how their photos are edited, but this is the picture that pushed me to make this comment. I mean, where is her navel?? Come on! I know she has one. This editing, besides not being up to what I believe your standards are for bimbos, is just sad.

    If you want to hide your pores or wrinkles, find a good makeup that doesn’t trigger allergies. If you can’t, then accept that: you won’t fit the PBA definition of “bimbo,” but PBA’s not the law, and it’s better to find a definition of “bimbo” that fits what you can achieve than to edit your photos. Modify yourself, not your photos.

    If you have small breasts, enhance them. If you can’t enhance them (for medical or monetary reasons), then accept that: you won’t fit the PBA definition of “bimbo,” but PBA’s not the law, and it’s better to find a definition of “bimbo” that fits what you can achieve than to edit your photos. Modify yourself, not your photos.

    I wasn’t planning on commenting on or about this site at all, but I just…needed to say something. Oder ist es bei der PBA ehrlich unbimblich nicht, auf die Foto statt des Körpers zu ändern die Aussicht? (Ich entschuldige mich nicht dafür.)

    1. Thank you for your comment – VERY detailed and comprehensible! I appreciate that! I agree with you on mostly everything. Yes – one could say that bimbofication is some kind of IRL photoshopping: Many times I heard my girls say something like “Gawd I wish there would be something like a real life smooth/blur or some kind of rl-snapchat filter.”. Yes I am not a big fan ob post-beauty-retouching… especially if the girl in question wouldn’t hold up as a bimbo without it. In the case the girl does indeed hold up irl, I don’t mind a little Photoshopping… it’s only natural and “kinda okay” – “Let them play”. Maybe I will write an article about that 🙂

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