Reason for current hiatus

Hi there fellow PBA readers and followers! I guess you are all wondering why there has been no new content recently. Well, there is a reason for that:

The hard drive on which all of the PBA content is located threw the towell. Before I continue, let me answer to the question that is in your mind right now: “Didn’t this dude make back ups?” – No. No I didn’t. Yes – EXTREMELY stupid, I know that. I know that this IS entirely my fault and that I should have made regular back ups – I AM a moron – no doubts about it. I have nothing to defend myself with, apart from the fact that this was the first time ever one of my hard drives broke. Yeah, I guess I was just lucky until now, but this might explain my… greenness and narrow-mindedness regarding the possibility of such a case. There is nothing more I can say about this.

So, what is the actual situation? The PBA HDD was/is a 3TB HDD, filled up to a good amount. The content on this disk is more or less everything the PBA ever dealt with – content of far more than five years of work. This includes: ALL templates for the PBA papers and lessons. The HUGE bimbo data base (mainly for rolemodel articles), hundreds of folders with each of them having hundreds of pics, links, bios, etc. of different bimbo girls in them. ALL project files, graphics, manuscripts, illustrations and pictures – this includes WIP projects, things I was working on. ATM, everyhing I was currently working on – things that would have been released by now and in the near future, is lost for the moment.

In desperation, I sent the damaged HDD to a data recovery service to get as much data back as possible. Just 2 days ago, they sent me their analysis: The drive is severly damaged, the read/write head is disabled and there is some damage on the surface of the disk itself. However, they are “quite sure” they would be able to recover about 90% of the data. This, of course, comes with a price tag: Recovering the data costs more than $1200.

I don’t have to tell you guys that the lock down and the pandemic were really hard for many of us – for you – and for me too. This is why I am pretty hard hit by this price tag. I do want to give them green light to start the data rescuing procedure – however, I would be glad if some of you guys would decide to help me out (even though I KNOW that this situation is entirely my own fault). This is why I kindly ask you to support me on my Patreon:

or donate with crypto currencies to make this happen:

Bitcoin: bc1q9uhr4a352ls6q485p3uvx4r9ga28kusxpxg8c8

Ethereum: 0x8e7670f9FbCa7651853F1EB6f985aD3c6FB347B3

Doge: DE2PswtA91Lr722dn5dW21eBtN2qN2sYa5

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BAT: 0x8e7670f9FbCa7651853F1EB6f985aD3c6FB347B3

Also you are able to buy some PBA merch, which also helps:

Thank you very much for considering to help me out! I was working on a lot of cool new stuff and would hate to lose it all – so if you can afford it, think about supporting the rescue of the PBA.

What else? Well – I try to come up with some new content in the meantime. Whether I can give green light for the data recovery or not and whether it will be successful or not, I won’t just give up. I already started to create some new manuscripts to give you guys something until I can start working on the original material again. Don’t expect too elaborate or fancy stuff in the near future – I have to start entirely from the beginning and have to rebuild every detail. So, most likely we will have some rolemodel posts with recent pics and maybe also some “item posts” instead of huge, elabroate articles with many, many papers etc.

I am thinking about offering all of my Patreon supporters a “thank you” gift for staying with me – maybe an updated ebook with some new, additional content (the ebook project files ALSO are on that HDD!) – but I can’t promise anything, because I don’t know how much data is actually destroyed. Nevertheless I am sure I will find a way to express my gratitude towards my supporters in the future – maybe I can come up with something really cool.

So, now you know. I hope you can forgive me my fatuous mindset and keep going with me. Thank you very much again, I promise you, I will make up for it and I will keep on creating. Hopefully, cya soon!

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