Bimbo training – Attention Drawing Techniques for Bimbos: “How bimbos should apply lipstick to draw attention”

Just a few days ago, we concluded the topic of bimbo lips and make up as a part of the ongoing PBA make up series, by talking about the differences between lipsticks and lipglosses and the general benefits of these tools. In this summary, we concluded that bright, shiny, wet lip gloss is the best option for a bimbo – especially when combined with the saturated power of lipstick as a foundation, but with the “draw back” of much less staying power than lipstick alone. I mentioned that we would be able to work around this “draw back”, but didn’t elaborate on that any further, having in mind the creation of the PBA lesson you are reading now. Nevertheless, attentive reader Faith identified this “weak point”, came up with a solution that basically summarized todays lesson in advance and commented on the last article:

“(…) I actually prefer that lipgloss doesn’t have good staying power. More opportunities to reapply in front of men is a no brainer. 🙂 Take advantage of it!

Yes! This is exactly what I had in mind when I came up with the idea of the paper we are dealing with now. Before we come to the details and how this is done correctly, let us first reiterate what we learned so far:

1. Lips are important

We already talked about the importance of lips and what power they represent for a bimbo! This is very well the most valuable aspect of your face, which is why we will have a series about the perfect bimbo lips in the future – but for now, just be assured, that big, enhanced, DSL are an absolute attention drawer and a MUST for every bimbo!

2. Lipstick/gloss is important

Never forget the basic make up rules for bimbos, which command you to wear lipstick/lipgloss ALL THE TIME and EVERY DAY! Why? Well we discussed this in the last article, so have a look there. Lip makeup supports your lips in the best way possible, lets them appear bigger and more pristine – which is exactly what a bimbo should go for!

3. Bimbos draw attention

Virtually every aspect of a bimbo, no matter if we are talking about her styling, her body, her makeup, her dress, her enhancements, jewelry or her behaviour, posing, attitude, etc. – EVERYTHING aims at achieving three main goals: 1. Enhancing her femininity. 2. Enhancing her sex appeal and 3. DRAWING ATTENTION!

Take these three things together and think about the possible connections. Yes, the lips of a bimbo draw the MOST attention when a man looks at her face – and yes, lipsticks and lipglosses (lip make up in general) strengthen this even more, but the one thing we already hinted at, is the effect that the act of applying lipstick/gloss itself draws attention! I described it like this, in the beforementioned article about lipstick/gloss/liner:

“(…) I mentioned it is like watching a killer preparing his weapon – and that is exactly what it is: Like her legs, the lips of a girl are a weapon. Something she can use to make men lose their minds – and applying lipstick is the act of chambering a round or cocking and rotating the cylinder of a revolver. The fact that every man is so paralyzed by this act, results from the impression, that the male observer shares a very intimate moment of preparation before she strikes, which makes it so powerful and enchanting. When lips are the weapon of a bimbo – then lipstick is the ammunition!

But don’t just take my word for it, let us have a look at some of the comments made in the linked forum post “Is there something sexual about applying lipstick?”:

I do part of my make up in my car on the drive to work. Every time I’m applying my lipstick, if I happen to glance at a car next to me and it’s a guy, they’re always staring at me as I apply my lipstick. I swear this happens every morning. And I’m usually stuck in traffic so I notice that if I’m doing another part of my makeup no one is paying me any mind but as soon as I start applying lipstick they start perving.


I went out with a guy the other day and he stared at me so intently as i was putting on lipstick. it made me self conscious.


Yeah men love it. I’ve had this. Eg was on the train putting on my lipstick i look up and this guy was staring me down. Its phallic also the way you hold your head and pout your lips is sexual (…)”

and of course

When women apply lipstick it brings attention to their lips and we all know what men think about women with full juicy lips.

All of this IS correct. Yes – Men DO love it. Of course they look. Yes – it IS something sexual. Of course it draws attention to your lips – and yes, maybe the phallic nature of the lipstick plays a role there. All of this is important, but the commenters didn’t get the full picture: They didn’t get what the action of applying lipstick IMPLIES! Like I said before, it IS like watching somone prepare a weapon in order to strike. The lips of a woman, and especially of a bimbo, are her weapon – and painting them with lipstick is the act of loading the weapon. Usually, a killer prepares his weapon in secrecy – in a secured environment where he is unobserved and undisturbed – the victim is not supposed to SEE him doing that. Let’s imagine the killer gets observed by someone. Sure, he could abort his mission and flee, but that wouldn’t be a very powerful message. Let’s imagine instead, he notices the observer, smiles and continues with his preparations. Suddenly, we have a very intimate, personal and powerful relationship between the two: “You see me doing this, and you know EXACTLY what this means and you know EXACTLY what I am going to do with this weapon.” This thrill is the reason why men tend to virtually freeze when they see a female preparing her lips with lipstick! The implication is, that the female does this preparation with a reason – she knows how this affects men, and that is exactly why she is doing it. She is well aware of her female power and willing to enhance the sex appeal of herself even more, by supporting her lips with her tools – because she is on a mission. She is a professional, a dedicated man-eater! All of these implications are shared with the observer, which absolutely takes its toll on him: HE wants to be the victim! In addition: Most men assume that them staring at a beautiful female they want to look at might send “negative” (or even creepy) messages (of course, this is NOT true for a bimbo!) – no wonder regarding the situation nowadays society is in – which is why they prefer to do it unnoticed (or at least they like to think they are good at hiding it). Most male observers are convinced, that a women who is applying lipstick, is so concentrated on this act, that she is not able to notice whether she is being stared at – which gives them the possibility to overtly check out the object of their desire. Obviously, this means, by applying lipstick in public, you are putting yourself on display – apparently unaware of observers and inattentive towards men checking you out (aka “vulnerable”), which WILL put you in focus of everyones attention – like it should be.

So, what do we make of this? Two things: 1. Make use of this technique if you have selected “a victim”. If you want to draw attention from a certain man, or multiple men – do this nearby, so they will see you and notice your actions. This will get you the necessary attention and open up the possibility for you to engange with him/them. 2. Because a bimbo does not only need to draw attention ALL the time, but also has to “act and behave like a porn character” all the time, it is not even necessary to have a victim selected. Just make use of this practice every now and then (more often than not) and profit from the enhanced attention – as well as from every incidental engagement that might arise from this! A male or female might surprisingly approach you, because of the power of this action! Following the PBA porn character rule, your are very much obliged to go along, like a true bimbo would!

Remember: Applying lipstick as an attention-grabbing action is NOT about the art of applying make up! The make up master piece has to be created at home, alone (or with BBFs), before you leave the house or interact with any men! Perfect lip make up is part of your daily make up routine and you are not expected to finish this in a club or in any public space! Sure – if your lipgloss has worn off and now sticks on your cocktail glass or your champagne flute (or the lips or the dick of one or multiple men), you absolutely HAVE to repair the damage and re-apply lipstick/gloss – and this fixing can and should be combined with the attention grabbing possibility we talked about here (if it does not interfere with a perfect make up result! If you need more serious work on your make up, because it has worn off, go to a restroom for example and fix it there! A perfect make up has a much higher priority than everything else we talked about here!), but it is not really necessary to have a real reason to make use of the technique we are dealing with now: Another layer or a refreshing of your lipgloss, even if it is already perfect, will not hurt – so you can make this all about the act of grabbing attention, even if it was not even necessary to fiddle with your lip make up in the first place! In these cases – it is all about the attention, the sex appeal and the subliminal, feminine vibes and messages you are creating by doing it!

Read the paper above – follow this lesson – and benefit from this like a true bimbo doll!

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