Bimbo role model – Lolo Ferrari

Lolo Ferrari. Can’t talk about bimbos without having her in mind. There is no denial about Lolo Ferrari being the bimbo role model of the role models. Maybe bimbos as we know them wouldn’t even exist without her at all. She lived the dream of being a perfect doll, long blonde hair, puffy, big lips, heavy make up, high heels, stockings, tight, short dresses, and – of course – her gigantic tits, which made her famous. What a perfect prototype and what dedication! You may not agree with me, that without her, there wouldn’t be any bimbos at all today, but everyone has to agree, that she formed and shaped the image of what we think about regarding enhanced and optimized dolls and bimbos. So I suggest you bimbos and bimbo lovers out there, remind yourself what a perfect and brave girl she was, and what she did to the lifestyle we all love so much. Girls have a look at her, show her the respect she deserves, and strife for what she did to become the perfect bimbo.

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