Bimbo Uniforms – Jewelry – Swarovski Crystal Choker

We all know bimbos can’t wear too much bling-bling or glittering stuff on their body to make it shine even more. As in every other category, there are some standard must-have objects regarding jewelry, every bimbo should have and wear as many times as possible. On the other hand bimbos should have a special relation to chokers. A choker in the bdsm scene is worn by submissive parts and slaves to obtain two goals: First as a symbol of submissivehood and self awarness, and second, to give the master the opportunity to handle his slave or sub in a practical manner. Chokers in the bdsm scene are most often crafted from black leather, metal or latex, but despite the fact every bimbo should have those objects too (maybe her master is in for some bdsm fun or she’s out on a latex-dress-party?), the bimbo should possess a similar object with the same amount of
symbolic power, but in a more fancy, stylish bimbo way. Here we have a choker that combines that symbolic power and the bling-bling factor every bimbo needs, with the classiness of a luxury good: The Swarovski Crystal Choker. Swarovski rhinestones are a perfect way for a bimbo to gain more attraction and to shine in every situation. This classy choker is worn by bimbos all over the planet and fuses the elegance of a posh slut with the submissivehood of a sex slave. What a perfect combination! This object can be worn any time – on every event, every party, and while having sex – to every dress. There are different versions of this jewelry, coming with a different amount of rhinestone rows. Normally the more the better – but I like the thought that, the more rows of stones a bimbo wears, the higher she is regarded in the ranks of bimbos. Think of it as a version of military rank signs. Maybe her master decides when an additional row is earned (”After you get your 1500cc boobjob done you may wear a nine-row-collar” or “Now that you can walk the whole day in those heels you earned yourself a new row”), or her master differs his favorite bimbos with more rows.

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