Bimbo Uniforms – Costumes: The secretary

There are a lot of discussions what job a real bimbo should get, if she should work at all, instead of spending her whole time increasing her beauty. Gogo girl, stripper, and so on is something everyone can agree to, but I think one of the typical bimbo jobs is being a secretary. You know, not the kind of secretary that does “real” work, but the kind that spends most of the time working with her boss or the clients in private…

Nevertheless this isn’t about what job a bimbo should have. This is, just like every other entry in the “Bimbo uniforms” category, about what a bimbo should have in her wardrobe. So as you all expected, every bimbo needs at least one perfect secretary outfit, even if she doesn’t work at all. Why is that? There are few other positions which are so pumped up with mens fantasy – who doesn’t wanna have his own secretary? If you take a look at the perfect examples I brought up to you, what do these outfits have in common? Lets sum up what a perfect secretary outfit needs:

Glasses, a blouse thats way to small for her tits, a big belt, a short pencil skirt, stockings, high heels.

The perfect hairstyle for a bimbo secretary is a bun or put-up hairdo (Done perfectly in figures A & C). Definetly go for these styles, it gives the secretary bimbo an “official office look” and tries to support an overall “seriousness” – which we will break up with her enormous tits trying to burst her blouse. Earrings are a must and should look like big golden hoops earrings or white pearls. Heavy make up is needed, as always, dark eye shadow, rouge and the most important of all: Very bright red lipstick. The glasses are one of the most important key features here. Never – take – them – off (only exception: Playing with it or sucking on it like in figures A & B)! Not only distinguish the glasses between a real secretary (like every man fantasizes) and a common boring office look, but here comes the real deal: The glasses are a adorable, cute and futile try for the bimbo to make an intelligent and serious impression. This contrast can drive men wild. Big tits and big lips, a girl born to be fucked, tries to manifest the impression of an intelligent skilled employee – but we all know better, and why she got the job at all. And in the end the glasses are a perfect target for the man at the end of the “collaboration” (Don’t forget to lick all of it from the glasses strap!). The blouse should be white and too small for her tits by at least two sizes (figures A & B). It should be worn the following ways: Unbuttoned to the peak, so the last button seems to blow away any second (Figure A, B & C) or knotted under the tits (Figure E). The blouse can be made from cotton or silk (figure C). Other colors possible: Beige, light gray, sometimes black. The belt should be big, black, red, pink or white and made from leather or patent leather. The short pencil skirt has to be SHORT (perfect: Figures A, C, D & E) and very, very tight. The lace trim of the stockings shall only be visible if the secretary leans forward or crosses her legs (what she should do as often as possible). The color of the short skirt should be black (in contrast to the white blouse), dark gray, pinstriped or beige (if the blouse is black). A serious bimbo secretary may chosse a small and tight pencil skirt made from black leather (Figure D). Stockings should be light, classy, shiny and not cheap! Do not go for stay-stockings, pick suspender stockings instead (figure B), with a classy black garter belt (don’t forget to wear the panties (if any) OVER the garter!). The bimbo may choose between classy lace stockings (figure A – classy secretary) or normal ones (figure C – slutty secretary) in black, gray or nude. The high heels shouldn’t be fancy. A secretary has to wear fairly high, classy stiletto pumps (at least 12cm or more!) made from shiny black patent leather (Figures A, C & D). She may wear some golden ankle chains.

When to wear? Apart from the bedroom or the home office of your man? Wear this at any occasion where a serious business like event is happening. Have a meeting at the bank? A job interview? Dinner with your mans clients? Be his personal secretary, and most important of all: Be the perfect bimbo secretary!

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  1. Yous guys should start a sissy bimbo training program if you havent got one already 🙂 hehe.
    Would be really good to see some sissy bimbo sluts, and be taught how to be one <3 <3

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