Style Check

Done right:

Wow, what can I say. This is one of the iconic pictures, if the the most iconic of them all, related to the bimbo scene. This is an almost perfect representative of the girly bimbo. What she did right to deserve this description? Hell, better ask what she did wrong – it’s not much! Let’s start at the top: That cute, big, pink bow she wears on her head is a real eyecatcher. Many bimbos underestimate hair decoration, but here is a good reason you should definetly pay attention to this subject! The overall cuteness and little-girl-appearance gains drastically in power due to this accessory. Long blonde hair is a must have here, certainly supported by extensions. Sadly her make up and sweet face isn’t really visible on this picture, but it looks like she wears heavy make up and lots of rouge and eyeshadow – Thumbs up! Time to talk about here pristine, smooth, tanned skin. This is how your skin should look like girls. Noticed the pink “Barbie”- necklace she’s wearing? These are the little details you should pay attention to, even if your eyes are caught by her fairly big enhanced tits, framed in the pink bra. She’s presenting her cleavage in a perfect way: Much skin, the little necklace, the pink frame, and the little pink ribbon between her boobs will draw everybodys attention to her bust – like it has to be. Her tits are pushed by a white corset, an effect you definetly should be aware of, and use it as many times as possible! This corset reduces her waist and harmonise with the tiny, white, short skirt, and the pink elements of the rest of the outfit. The skirt itself has a perfect length and shouldn’t be any longer at all. As a good well-behaved bimbo she wears high heels. Those light pink apron pumps have a good height (with plateau should be about 14-16cm), stiletto heel and finish this perfect dress. Won’t forget to mention her pink finger nails! Little details – again!

Done wrong:

Nothing to be honest. Okay, her tits can be bigger, yes, the skirt can be a little bit shorter… but that is not necessary to call this outfit perfect.


A perfect example of an outfit for the perfect little-girly bimbo. This is something you wouldn’t wear on a fancy dress party, a dinner or a cocktail party. But it is something bimbos should wear every day at home or in public. To remind themselves that they are cute, slutty, little princess dolls. Never lose fun at being a little pink girl, and get ready to get fucked by your man the whole day when you wear this type of bimbo uniform.

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