Bimbo role model – Candy Charms

I don’t think I have to write much about Candy Charms. Everyone in the bimbofication scene knows her. And that’s for a reason: Candy Charms is THE bimbo role model, THE perfect bimbo, THE enhanced fuckdoll, the Lolo Ferrari of our time. Platinum blonde, long hair, often done in fantastic styles, heavy make up (and damn, she does her make up well), a beautiful shaped face, big, enhanced lips, and – of course – her gigantic, perfectly sized tits. Her breasts are her trademark and truly stand out against all the wannabe bimbos out there. Just look at them, what perfect size, true dedication to the bimbo lifestyle! The rest of her body is in very good shape too: A tight, well trained ass, a flat belly, beautiful legs – a dream body forged in bimbo heaven. I want to mention her style too: There are other bimbos out there with similar big tits, but they are no match for Candy just because of the perfect bimbo style she has. The stunning, classy, sexy, perfectly done make up (Something many of those big tit bimbos out there simply are not able to do), her dresscode, consisting of short skirts and dresses, beautiful stiletto high heels (often Louboutins – thats style!) or high overkneeboots, stockings and many different costumes (her secretary style is an example of the best secretary possible). And she has a faible for the color pink: Something that’s imperative for the perfect bimbo doll that she is.

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