Bimbo Uniforms – Costumes: The Playboy bunny

Another set every bimbo has to have in her wardrobe. Many sloppy and lazy girls, trying to be sexy or fancy, wearing a playboy bunny like outfit, for just one time are doing this horribly wrong, although it is fairly easy to see what this uniform is all about – and don’t forget to pay attention to the details!

The playboy bunny made its debut at the opening of the first Playboy club in Chicago on the evening of february 29, 1960, and its design hasn’t been altered much since then (See original uniform figure B, red one in the middle. Up to date version figure B, blue one on the right). The uniform was, in fact, designed by a woman – Zelda Wynn Valdes, who created a timless, sexy, iconic outfit, that is well known all over the world and is associated with pretty bimbo girls everywhere.

So, what does it consist of? The costume is made from rayonsatin constructed on a strapless merry widow corset teddy. Satin bunny ears, cotton tails, collars with bow ties, cuffs with cuff links, black sheer to waist pantyhose and matching high-heeled shoes completed the outfit. A name tag on a satin rosette is pinned over the right hip bone.

DO NOT accept any other version of this dress! There are many cheap costumes out there, worn by said lazy, sloppy girls, and none of those is either acceptable or close as sexy as the original. Lets have a look at the very important details:

The bunny ears, of course, the most well known aspect of this dress, have to be big and should always stay where they are. NEVER taken them off, certainly not while being fucked. The body has to be tapered and must not have any shoulder straps. The cottontail has to be big and plushy. The cleavage is most important and the tits should look like they pop out any time (See figures B (left) and E). Furthermore one of the most important details about the body is frequently overlooked:
The hip-fit body has to have a very high and deep cut leg! The more, the better. At least the cut has to reach way over the hip (See figure B – left). The cut has to be V-shaped! Not round, but sharp and V-shaped (See figure B – all of them). Clever bimbo bunny girls (who want to do their master a favour) may work in a  slash at the crotch (closeable), with the result that the body can be worn during sex, without the need to take it off. The pantyhose has to be dark, shiny, glossy and semi transparent. In fact, this is the only occasion i can think of, where a pantyhose is not only acceptable, but even preferable to stockings. Always stick to the original! Normally a bimbo must not (never ever) wear pantyhoses, but this dress is an exception. Of course the pantyhose has to be open between the legs. Although we see many official bunnies with different high heels, I would recommend simple pumps with stiletto heels made from shiny patent leather (Figures A, C & D – at least 12cm heels prefered, the higher, the better). In addition to the other accessories mentioned above, a playboy logo (bunnyhead) pendant may be worn (Figure E). A question at the end: Does this uniform has to be black – are different colors allowed? Of course, other colors are allowed! Not to mention, that black is the most well known and traditional color of this uniform, but the eager bimbo bunny may choose every color she likes. BUT: Better make sure the chosen color matches in every aspect of the outfit. Bunny ears, body, and high heels HAVE to have the exact same color (See figures A & B)! Never pick a red body, black shoes and ears. Make it consistent! It is also desirable to get more of these sets than one: Get a black one (classic) and: At least a bimbo can never go wrong with pink.

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