Bimbo role model – Marilyn Monroe

Bimbo rolemodel number 10! I think I’m gonna do something special here.

“I can be smart when it’s important, then most men don’t like it” – Marilyn Monroe

Famous for playing “dumb blonde” characters, she became one of the most popular sex symbols of the 1950s, emblematic of the era’s attitudes towards sexuality. Not only playing “dumb blonde”, but literally inventing this stereotype, Marilyn Monroe is the very cornerstone of the whole bimbo definition. Apart from becoming the most well known sex icone in the world through her natural beauty and voluptuous figure, she trained and practiced countless hours to perfect her appearance, her movements, her style and her charisma, which is something every bimbo should take as an example. This hard work culminated in a downright unreal metamorphosis Marilyn went through, where she could drive men insane just by the way she walked or smiled.

“In the film “Niagara” they had that one shot of her [Marylin] walking away from the camera, and her very rear is just doing the most miracolus sexual things and I think it was that moment that kind of everybody went ‘What?! What are we looking at here?!’. Nobody had ever seen anybody walk like that in front of a camera before. She created it. And she created her whole persona.“
(Taken from the documentary “Love, Marilyn”)

This “bimbo power” was the result of very hard work and countless hours of practicing. Marilyn used to read a book called “The talking body”, which she treated as her bible. Everything that defined her “persona”, was a perfected behavior taken from the teachings of this book: The way to talk (Marilyns breathy, girly way to speak was one of her trademarks), the way to stand and walk, the way to sit – everything was aiming for getting male attention, a practice no other girl had a chance against. We all know, that the optical appearance of a bimbo is most important and the very defining aspect of a sexy doll, but it is not everything! Furthermore perfect bimbo dolls have to learn about their charisma and their aura. They have to understand and practice these factors in order to get control over the same bimbo powers Marilyn used to control:

“(…) And suddenly she [Marilyn] did something. Tell you, like she turned on a lightbulb. And suddenly people were like ‘Oh my god, thats Marilyn Monroe!’”
(Taken from the documentary “Love, Marilyn”)

Every bimbo should get a copy of “the talking body” and read it!

One climax of her powers, was filming the shot for “The Seven Year Itch” of her, standing over a subway grate with her dress billowing in the stream, revealing her white panties and legs. Nearly 1500 men appeared at the set to see just that. In the end, the police had to arrive, and smiling Marilyn, with her white robe, became a popculture icone. Bimbos all over the world: Follow Marilyn’s example! Perfect your attitude, your movements, your appearance – your bimbo persona! Work hard! Practice every day! And one day you can drive every man crazy by just walking by with the swing of your hip.

“She [Marilyn] created that Monroe figure on her own, by make up, hairstyle, the clothes were sewn on her to make them very tight”.
(Taken from the documentary “Love, Marilyn”)

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