Bimbo Uniforms – Shoes: Transparent Stripper Heels

Again some heels every bimbo has to have! The notorious stripper heels, with a fairly high, transparent plateau, at least a 16cm stiletto heel, coming as mules or sandales. The most well known stripper heels are produced and designed by Pleaser USA and, although there are other manufacturer of heels like these, no bimbo is able to avoid this company, because of their high quality, perfect designs and fanciful look. There are stripper heels in many different colors and designs, but this article is about the most offensive variation: The transparent peeptoe which is a must have for every doll, even if she’s not into stripping. This doesn’t mean, you bimbos out there, shouldn’t get Pleasers in any different color and look, but ensure you have at least one pair of these. The transparent plateau and heel give everyone the impression of a naughty bimbo doll and persuade everyone of thinking of you wrapping around a poledance pole, stripping in a night club, undressing and shaking your body to loud music, waving your long legs into the air. You can wear these shoes to every sexy outfit, preferably short dresses and miniskirts in bright colors (like pink), but they aren’t really compatible to stockings. Naked legs are first choice here. Not really appropriate to be worn on high class events, like dinners and high society events – wear these shoes on club parties and even in your every-day-life. The picture of a sexy bimbo girl, just walking to the grocery store in these shoes, will blow the minds of many men seeing it.

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