Style Check

Done right:

Let’s begin with the girl on the left: Her dress seems to be a fairly cheap dress from a costume shop, but nevertheless it’s trashy look, it turns out to be a good choice for a bimbo girl like her. Bimbo dolls should always allow for a mixture of classy, expensive designer wardrobe and cheap, trashy, sexy clothes, which give her the opportunity to change between her styles. The dress itself has some benefits, which make her choice a reasonably one: The plunging neckline with the decorated cups emphasize her tits quite well. The pink ribbon is always a plus and draws attention to her mildly enhanced boobs. The actual sensation is produced by the cute, sweet tulle skirt, colored in bright pink and with a fantastic length. This puffy piece might not even cover her ass and perfects this dress in a real bimboish way. Her best-bimbo-friend on the right goes a whole different direction: Only wearing some decorated underwear, her outfit doesn’t really harmonize with her sister doll, but is in itself also not a bad decision. However without the custom bracelets, the golden, small chains and the jewerly, this bra and panties would definetly be boring and much too little effort and fantasy for a real bimbo. The hairstyle of both bimbos is pretty well done and something they can’t go wrong with. Curly, long, blonde hair, styled in an appealing way, is something a bimbo should always take into account.

Done wrong:

I have two main problems with those two cuties. Bimbo dolls, this is particularly true for best-bimbo-friends, should always synchronise their outfits, so both of them (or if more than two – all of them) harmonize and complement each other, to provide an image, that produces more sexual tension than they could independently from each other. Furthermore, synchronized stylings strenghten the unity and the sense of solidarity a group of bimbos should have. Second problem are their shoes. Especially the doll on the left should have chosen something more fitting to her dress. Maybe some bright, pink stiletto high heels or some glittering, high heel sandals. Both of them should get way bigger tits, and should increase the amount of make up they’re wearing.

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