Bimbo training – “How a bimbo should walk: Basics of walking”

Recently I wrote a blog entry about bimbo rolemodel Marilyn Monroe and her ability to drive men crazy just by walking by. This is actually a very good example of the sensation, that is produced by a sexy girl just walking by in high heels. The correct way of walking, is an interaction of movements full of sexual tension and classy elegance – the perfect way to draw attention and rise above other girls. The goal of every bimbo girl should be to let every man and most of the girls turn their heads when she passes by – just by the way she puts one foot in front of the other and swings her hips and her ass. This magical ability can be achieved by practicing very hard and very often. Marilyn practiced and trained every day very hard and studied her book “The talking body” in order to perfect her movements. As a bimbo, it is your duty to strive for the same goals. Put on your high heels and give it a go! Pay attention to the paper above and concentrate on the different hints and rules. There is no other way to walk for a bimbo, so you should practice every time you go somewhere. If you are a bimbo trainee and beginner, practice walking with a book on your head to improve your poise and posture. Do it every time you take a step, there is simply no excuse for a bimbo not to walk this way, and not to wear high heels. If you practice hard enough, walking with this technique will become second nature, so you will do it every time without thinking about it. Nothing stops you from getting the admiring look from boys and girls, when you pass by.

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