BBFs – Best Bimbo Friends

This article is for the trainers and has the goal to inform you about the importance and the benefits of “best bimbo friends” (BBF) – and the need to not only support your bimbo(s) in finding and establishing a BBF, but to encourage her in doing so and even actively help her to find a potential candidate, and develop the strong bonds BBFs can have. There are 11 main reasons for you to do so:

1. BBFs encourage and motivate each other

2. BBFs help each other

3. BBFs develop girly group activities

4. BBFs can assimilate styles and outfits

5. BBFs generate more bimbo/party output

6. BBFs attract other bimbos

7. BBFs are likely to discover bisexual behaviour

8. BBFs could open the possibility for special sexual adventures

9. BBFs inspire other, normal girls

10. BBFs increase the defense power against harmful, external elements

11. BBFs can temporarily step in for the trainer

We will cover all eleven reasons one after another, but first some general information about BBFs: Your bimbo can have more than one BBF. Just because BBF means “best bimbo friend”, it doesn’t mean there can’t be more than one “best friend”. In fact, the more BBFs there are, the better for everyone. Give every freedom necessary to your bimbo to develop this relationship with another girl – support and encourage her wherever you can! And here is why:

1. BBFs encourage and motivate each other

BBFs are in a friendly form of competition with each other. This is not harmful, if anything, it is a very powerful tool to accelerate the bimbofication process and to help your bimbo to take further steps. Girls tend to compete with each other, even best friends and bimbos are no exception. Every honest girl will admit that she pays close attention to every detail of her best friend, regarding her styling, her clothes, her make up, her behaviour and her general appeal and beauty. This is somewhat natural and can be of great advantage. A bimbo won’t accept to stay behind her BBF, and tries to generate as much attention as she does. Here are two examples of this effect from my personal experience: One day, me, my bimbo girlfriend (BGF) and her BBF made plans to go on a party later that evening. My BGF decided to wear a moderate short skirt and some moderate high heels on a whim. Knowing what was about to happen, I refrained to demand another outfit. Later, her BBF arrived at our place, wearing a super short miniskirt, barely covering her ass, some killer stiletto heels and a top with a very low neckline. My BGF stared at her and I could literally see the mechanisms working in her head. Without a word, she disappeared into her dressing room and didn’t leave, until her outfit changed completly, being in no way inferior to the style her BBF had chosen. Second example: One of my bimbo trainees unexpectedly had her lips plumped. Her BBF congratulated her enthusiastically and was really happy for her, but became desolated and very unhappy with herself shortly after. In no time she made an appointment and had her lips plumped as well. Both of them were happy for each other and for themselves. As you can see, BBFs will encourage each other to take further steps in their bimbofication and will increase the amount of bimboish behaviour and appearance. If the BBF buys some glittering high heels, it is very likely your bimbo will say “I need those too!”. If the BBF dares to enhance her tits before your bimbo does, it is very likely your bimbo will follow, seeing the beautiful result and seeing there was nothing to be afraid of in the first place. At the latest, if she recognizes the amount of attention towards her BBF rising (by you and other men/girls), she will take action. Being in that form of friendly competition, no bimbo will easily accept wearing the longer skirt, the lower high heels or having the smaller tits or the less beautiful make up. In addition to that: Dedicated BBFs will try to raise the level of power the group of bimbos has, by raising the bar of her fellow bimbos. Those dedicated BBFs know the impact a group of bimbos can have, and try to increase it, by helpfully encouraging the other girls to advance: “Look at those heels, they would perfectly fit you!”, “I love what you did to your nails! Please show me how you accomplished that look!”, “That tight, short skirt sure emphasizes your pretty ass in a perfect way!”, “Let me help you with your hair and make up, you’re gonna look like a princess!”, “Once you got your new tits, men will fall down on their knees before you!”, “Where did you get those extensions? I need those too!” – And so on, and so on. This behaviour will help you to take the bimbofication of your girls to a whole new level, without having to invest much energy. Never underestimate how powerful it can be for the thinking process of your bimbo trainee to SEE the big silicone tits of her BBF, compared to you saying to her “get bigger tits”. Her BBF saying to her “that skirt is too long” might have a greater impact compared to you saying those exact same words – just because your bimbo will likely trust her BBF more in questions related to fashion. All these factors together, generate a climate of general acceptance and progress regarding bimbofication and enhancing the sexual appeal between involved girls. BBFs motivating and complimenting each other, and being in a small, friendly rivalry, are girls encouraging each other to continue and take further steps, and are a powerful drive towards perfect bimbofication.

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