Bimbo role model – Julia Nicole Newby

I don’t think I mentioned it, but I’m really not a fan of tattooed bimbo dolls. Especially if the tattoos are big, space-filling and if there are overall too many of them on her body. In my honest opinion, tattoos destroy the pristine, flawless skin of every bimbo, while not adding much to her beauty. Wasn’t there a time, tattoos were a trademark of the social outsiders, and not for perfect dolls? However, once in a while, a bimbo doll ist just too perfect to let her tattoos ruin her overall appeal for me. Here we have Julia Nicole Newby, a fantastic, remarkable barbie doll in progress, constantly working on her style and body to become even more perfect. I still think, she would be even more pretty and sexy without the ink on her body, but apart from the matter of taste, the rest of her appeal is common ground: What a doll-like, beautiful face, big lips, a nice skin tone, big enhanced tits, a skin shape to die for, long flawless legs, nice long, blonde hair and a flat belly. I really like the way, she applies her makeup and focuses on her lips. She also has a nice style regarding clothes and high heels, something more bimbos should pay attention to. I’m extremly excited to see how she evolves in the near future, and keep my fingers crossed, she enhaces her boobs even more. Let’s face it: She would be even more stunning with way bigger tits.

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