Gimbos – Corsets

Sadly, playing little to no role in the normal bimbo culture, the corset is an inevitable garment in the gimbo subculture. No matter which direction a gimbo takes in the goth scene, wheather it’s fetish-goth, romantic-goth or classic, the corset is seen everywhere in these surroundings. The reason for this discrepancy is to be found in the different dealing with certain forms of tradition when it comes to why the corset is a common piece of cloth in the goth community and a rare fetish accessory in the normal bimbo scene. Apart from many similarities between a gimbo and a bimbo, the gothic subculture is a somewhat tradition-conscious community, which romanticizes different beauty ideals through out the history of feminine fashion and different time periods. Especially victorian, elizabethan, medieval and renaissance ages are a common fashion motive in the gothic community. Being established in the 16th. century and becoming unavoidable again in the early 19th. century, it is hardly surprising that the corset is a focus object for serious goth dolls. On the other hand, major parts of the bimbo culture are a “fashion-forward” oriented movement – which is also hardly surprising, because of the strong connection of bimbos to hip and new trends and the exclusiveness of current and modern designs. The corset became unimportant in modern fashion, because of its lacking wearing comfort and its ideological force, which was and is being fought against by certain social movements and ideological opinion leaders. I don’t need to mention, that the absence of corsets in the bimbofication scene is rather sad. There are three main reasons why the corset is not only hyped by gimbos and goth girls in general, but would be a perfect addition to bimbo girls altogether.

1. The main reason why they are important to every serious gimbo: They look pretty, elegant, classy and perfect and support the female body on a large-scale. In most cases the classic hourglass figure can’t be achieved by any girl without a corset, although this silhouette marks the main goal for every dedicated doll: A small, slim waist, provocatively striking hips, and big, pushed up tits. The corset reduces the waist circumference, pushes the breasts up and straightens the back. The girl is forced into a hollow back, pushing her tits out and keeping an upright posture.

2. Corsets do have a special feminine aura, that does affect wearer and observer. The corset is iconic for the tough targets girls had to follow through the centuries of social and fashion standards, being a symbol for the surpression of women by men. Today, girls aren’t forced to wear corsets anymore, even more symbolic did it become for a girl to declare herself ready to comply with wearing one. This means, in a way, the corset wearing girl accepts the symbolic statement of her wearing a corset, combined with the optical benefits, that do come with it. No matter how uncomfortable it might be, the virtues of her corset (appeal, aura, figure) are more important to her, than disadvantages like lacking wearing comfort (this bears resemblance to wearing high heels).

3. The corset has symbolic power, regarding sexual dominance/submissive power difference. This is why it does play a role in the BDSM-culture. Submissive girls, accept a subordinate, passive role, being constricted in an uncomfortable, tight piece of cloth, reducing her to the shape of her body and welcoming the optical benefits of the corset for sexual pleasure and a sensible power difference. Dominant woman however, tend to wear a corset because of its classy and elegant style.

However, the common bimbo stays with the temperate, little cousin of the corset: The corsage, somewhat of a “corset light” – a fact that I wouldn’t mind to change. The gimbo subculture owns a wide range of different corsets like overbust and underbust corsets, mainly in black styles, but also in many, many different colors. Gimbos: Please continue to wear corsets and keep the hourglas figure alive! You are a prime example of classiness and sex appeal in doing that. Bimbos, take that advice from your dark sister: Try to wear a corset from time to time – you won’t regret it.

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