Bimbo role model – Shane & Sia Barbi

Okay, I won’t lie here: These two got in my bimbo rolemodel category, mainly because they are real bimbo twins… and because they are hot… and because of this awesome 90s sexappeal… and because “Barbi” is their real last name. Like I said, these two, hot babes, are real identical twins and were fairly famous and popular cover models back in the glory days. I thought the fact, that two twin sisters made the decision to become bimbo dolls, and to do this together is well worth to be mentioned in a category that honors girls who make an outstanding contribution to the bimbo culture. Apart from their long legs, their well shaped bodies, the awesome hairstyling (second picture) and their beautiful, sweet faces, we can assume with certainty, that the reality of them being twin sisters had a large share in making them famous. Every man dreams of having two hot babes, especially the thought of having two hot sisters is one of the naughtiest and most forbidden ideas one could mention. But hot, identical twin sisters? Could it be better somehow? As you can see bimbo dolls and trainees, there is no reason to hide your (twin) sister. Why not sharing the fun and joy? And, don’t forget: Every bimbo needs a BBF – something that shouldn’t be a problem, if you convince your (twin) sister to be your best bimbo friend.

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