Bimbo role model – Sammi Sprinkles (Samantha Hibbert)

We’ve seen some awesome transformations already; Girls going from plain wallflowers to stunning bimbo dolls, and sexy, enhanced babes. But our next bimbo rolemodel is different: Here we have Sammi Sprinkles, a perfect example for a powerful girl, who can achieve what ever she wants through hard work and total dedication! Sammi weighed over 300lbs (136kg) and, let’s be honest, was  a little more than just chubby. With huge effort, amazing discipline, exhausting workout and countless hours in the gym, she managed to lose weight in a dramatic measure, shaping her body towards perfection in relentless dedication. As a true bimbo, she got her boobs done and underwent several other beauty enhancing surgeries. Just take a look at the progress she has made so far, and still she continues to enhance herself and to bring her body into shape even more. Nevertheless, what she achieved so far, is a remarkable example for every girl, that everything is possible, as long as you do work hard for it and believe in yourself! Imagine the hard rocky road she has come so far, and look at where she is now: A beautiful, blonde doll, with amazing tits and a hot body. I recommend you to visit her instagram, follow her and support her wherever you can – she deserves it!

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