Bimbo role model – EssexBunny

There aren’t many girls in the bimbo subculture who can compete with the undisputed queens like Candy Charms, ASX and Amy Anderssen, that’s for sure. But from the “land of perfect girls” comes a young lady so amazingly perfect, so beautiful and sexy, you are not able to avoid calling her a barbie goddess: Here we have Essexbunny, a clever, blonde dream babe, claiming to have the biggest tits in the UK. And, man, take a look at those tits! Recently she increased to 5000cc – and the result is simply breathtaking and fantastic! I think nobody would ever argue with me, seeing her as one of THE best rolemodels for every barbie trainee out there. Apart from her perfect tits (I could write about those literally for days…), she got a sweet and cute face, some big, puckered and remarkable lips and a stunning body to die for. If only she would make some high quality photo shootings, so we were able to admire her beauty and sex appeal… Nevertheless, this blonde, long haired angel provides us with dozens of sexy pics of herself, giving proof of her style awareness, her flawless shape and, of course, her fantastic big tits.

Trainees out there, take her as your example in life! This is the perfection you should strive for! Take a look at her tits, her lips and her shape and give it a go!

Please consider supporthing her guys – this barbie goddess deserves it!

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