Gimbos – The default gimbo boots (Pleaser USA, Adore/Delight-2023, black, patent leather)

Having a high opinion on high heels, because of their feminine, elegant and sexy aura, many dedicated goth girls own a huge variety of different high heels which are in style with the common dresscode of this subculture. Ranging from cute and sexy gothic doll peeptoes to seductive high overknee boots, there is one type of shoes virtually any gimbo (trainee) and even most normal goth girls possess: The Pleaser USA Adore-2023 (or his offsprings, like the Delight-2023, or other “lookalikes”). Though there are many different variants (made of leather, with a  broader heel, with less/more plateau (”B”), with or without buckles (”C”)), the Adore-2023 is somewhat the “gold standard” of gothic boots, knee high, with a stiletto heel height of ca. 14,5 cm – 16,5 cm, a plateau height between 4,5 cm and 6,5 cm, without buckles, in black and made of shiny patent leather (Picture “A”). Many confident gimbos wear these boots every day, no matter what occasion or ongoing as their pair of daily default shoes. These boots are some kind of scene statement and serve as a trademark for the feminine part of this sub culture. Once they get their first pair, many emerging, young girls, who leave their emo/punk-youth behind them, will see these boots as a turning point in their style and evolve to hot, feminine, sexy goth brides. Seeing a goth girl in these boots, lets you distinguish between unstylish, unfeminine and boring brats (usually wearing Dr. Martens or jump boots), emo kids (Converse) and those true gothic princesses. Although these boots are a “must have” for every true goth princess, they are essential and imperative for every true gimbo girl too: Apart from their symbolic power, they are characterised by an elegant, severe, sexy linehaul, the feminine high stiletto heels, the knee high lacing and (if treated right) the alluring, tempting shimmer of pitch black patent leather – taken together forming a hot, promising, sexy styling statement – creating a delightful contrast between milk white skin and the dark color of the material. An additional benefit is the fact, that these boots compliment almost any possible goth outfit there is. No matter if the subject decides to be a dark princess in a corset and a victorian crinoline, or a beauty of the night in a short patent leather miniskirt and stockings. Gimbo trainees: At latest, get these boots and make them your default footwear, no excuses, you have a reputation to lose! Wear them with pride and let every mans eyes popp out of his head! Because: There are only few things better than a hot gimbo girl on your bed, spreading her legs in the air, wearing these must have boots.

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