Bimbo training – “How a bimbo should have sex: Raising a leg while kissing (standing)”

“When kissed for the first time, a girl should close her eyes. The second time, she should give an ecstatic back kick, clutching her sweetheart by his coat lapels.” These are the instructions from – An Outline of “Motion Picture Etiquette,” written up in 1923.

Everyone knows this common movie trope, a romantic visualization of female passion and desire: A girl being kissed by a male hero, raising her leg while she melts in his arms. Back in the days, when moviemakers had to tread very lightly in terms of any kind of implication of sexual activity, female passion and sexual desire had to be visualized in a more cautious way, otherwise the girl had been considered as a slut by moaning or grabbing her counterpart in an explicit way, and the movie might have not been distributed. In fact, The Hays Code, required women in love scenes, at all time have “at least one foot on the floor” (making love scenes in bed impossible). This trope was/is also intended as a way for girls to draw attention to their legs, so it is no wonder that raising a leg is known as a standard modeling pose. We already covered reasons for this in our lessons about the basic standing posture – and we will have another look at this in the next lesson I’m already preparing.

While “being considered as a slut” is already reason enough for a bimbo to perform this technique, there are more factors to this interesting trope. The backstory of the image of a girl kicking back her leg while being kissed, could only suggest a socially constructed behaviour on the first glance, but even if the whole topic isn’t researched very well, there might be some other factors coming into play:

“(…)And then it happened to me. The kiss that made my eyes cross and my foot pop up as if yanked by a marionette’s string. Ten years in, I still get dizzy every time my boyfriend John plants one on me.

This is a quote from author Paula Young Lee, writing about this trope here. There might be a biological component in this action, some kind of physical reaction to the mental reaction, influenced by hormon and the sense of pleasure.

Summarized: There are multiple reasons for every bimbo and every bimbo trainee to practice this lesson and perform this technique as often as possible. The possible biological reaction to passion and sexual excitement, the aesthetical appeal – standing on her tiptoes, creating an elvish, dainty and girly look – then swiftly gracefully kicking her leg back, the way her legs are shown in an exciting, sexy and pleasing way, the tension created by the movement and last but not least, the subliminal message she communicates with this move: The declaration of affiliation to a very sexy, feminine and submissive image of women. In fact, one of the most famous pictures of all time, shows a girl being kissed passionatly, kicking her leg back (shown above). It is not without a reason, that this motive has become a symbol of a truly emotional kiss. This picture however, is a good transition to our next bimbo uniforms post, coming next week: Bimbo nurses. But for now, practice this lesson bimbos and bimbo trainees! Everytime you kiss someone, perform this and kick your leg back in passion and desire!

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4 thoughts on “Bimbo training – “How a bimbo should have sex: Raising a leg while kissing (standing)”

  1. I have a question, I’m tall ( I’m a model so around 5’9). should I still wear heels? I’ll be taller than a lot of guys won’t it emasculate men?

    1. Sure you should still wear high heels. Tall girl + high heels = Even longer legs. AFAIK the only ones who are concerned about “women being taller than men” aren’t men – but only the women… Men don’t care – they see long legs and high heels and are instantly on board.

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