Bimbo role model – Sarah Marie Summer

We already talked about Candy Charms and Amy Anderssen, who else is missing in this triumvirate of nowadays bimbo queens? Of course, Sarah Marie Summer, the goddess with Australias biggest fake tits! You won’t get around her in the bimbo scene, and that is not without a reason. Sarah took the whole bimbo culture by storm, with her amazing, perfectly shaped 1500cc boobs (32M), her angel like face, her pouted lips, her long, blonde hair, her curvy figure and her amazing taste in styling and clothing. Sarah got her first breast augmentation when she was 17 years old, and has an interesting background in other ways as well: She started as an alternative model, which technically makes her a gimbo, but began her bimbo transformation to become a perfect barbie doll with big tits, directly subsequent to her withdrawal from the dark/alternative/gothic style, which is a shame in many regards, because I would have loved to see her with her enhanced tits and her lips in a hot goth outfit with dark hair at least one time. Nevertheless, there are many pictures of her, taken in her goth-phase, but with small breasts and her “natural” body, although she is widely known for her stunning, sexy and mindblowing pictures as a fully enhanced bimbo girl. This again shows the possible, smooth transition from goth girls to bimbo/gimbo dolls, even if in other cases the goth chick doesn’t have to forcibly abandon her dark style and become a gimbo instead. One thing she definetly preserved from her goth days, is her love for stockings – a feature that is highly esteemed and very welcomed! This angel is again, one of the very few bimbo dolls that can live up to the basic bimbo rule regarding boobs and even pays attention to many other bimbo rules (look at the nearly perfect “basic bimbo stand”, third picture above – or her perfect basic bimbo facial expression!) – that’s what I call dedication and commitment! Take her as your rolemodel girls! Not only her body is close to perfection, but her behaviour, style and appeal is straight from the books! There are not many things one could criticize about her, yes, her tits could still be a little bit bigger and she could tighten her body a little bit more – all in all however, this is a highly specific criticism, since her overall bimbofication is close to perfection. That naive, beautiful, little girl expression and face is a bombastic and grandiose contrast to her pornstar body and her fantastic styling: High heels, short skirts and tight dresses, pink clothes, stockings, heavy make up (she could do more) and necklines that proudly show of her big tits, close enough to nearly burst her top. This doll knows how to dress and style! Sadly, Sarah seems to have withdrawn from the public, abandoned most of her social media channels, deleted most of her content (there are some fantastic music videos from her out there, not only appearing as the perfect goddess that she is, but also performing as a singer. There she shows her love for stockings. Amazing!) and took one step back from the bimbo scene. Why she did that, I can’t tell. Let us all hope she comes back. Nevertheless, she remains as a true queen in the bimbo scene, and should be every girls rolemodel – in every aspect! Take her as an example girls! This is how you should look and behave!

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