Bimbo training – How a bimbo should stand: “The bunny moves – The bunny stance”

As I already stated: It’s easter – Happy easter again to all of you. This is a valid reason for me to start a little special within out bimbo lessons category: The bunny signature moves. I already wrote about the fascination, the magic and the sex appeal of this fantastic, perfect and amazing outfit, the sheer feminine power and attractiveness of its appeal and of what it communicates and why every bimbo and every bimbo trainee should have such a sexy uniform here. The bunny is a profession seemingly made for bimbos and should remain a holy goal for every bimbo out there. But no matter if you managed to become a real playboy bunny, and aside from the need to have that suit in your wardrobe, every bimbo trainee has to learn the famous bunny siganture moves. The real bunnies practice these moves in very hard lessons and have to master and perfect them in order to become real, approved bunnies, back in the days even in hardcore bunny bootcamps (well, today we have these – not the same, but nevertheless, something every bimbo should have a look at). Our first lessons deals with the basic bunny stance. The default posture every bunny has to perform facing the guests in the playboy clubs. This will be our base for the following three lessons and should be mastered perfectly! This is not only because of it’s origin – but because of the message and the aesthetic appeal. You can see the bunny trainees practicing the bunny stance hard in one of those bootcamps here – let them be an example to you and practice even harder! Though this move can be performed without a bunny suit, it is advisable to perform the basic bimbo stance instead if you are not wearing a bunny outfit. As said in the paper – This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t perform this move – it DOES mean you should wear a bunny outfit more often!

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