Bimbo training – “Basic Bimbo Rules: YOU set the standards – With the duty to set them high!“ (There isn’t such a thing as “overdressed” for a bimbo!)

Many of you asked me to create some more “basic bimbo rules and guidelines”, some stuff that could help a total beginner trainee to understand her bimbofication better, to take her first few steps and to help her becoming a much more fantastic bimbo princess in the end! Well, here is our new lesson paper, concerning the first of our new basic bimbo rules which will come up soon. We already had some papers about basic rules, for example one about the minimum size of the tits of a bimbo (lately often mentioned during our ongoing series about the perfect bimbo tits) and one basic rule about the height of heels and the length of skirts and dresses, but these are very special and maybe even a little too advanced for total beginner trainees. The “problem” we are facing today, is indeed a problem that comes up every now and then with my bimbo trainees and girls involved too – so I’m able to speak from experience here! Many trainees and even advanced bimbo dolls, try to estimate the amount of styling and sex appeal that other girls gathered in a certain place bring with them on an average. This, on its own, is not an error, but it becomes a real problem, when the bimbo trainee tries to reduce her styling and sex appeal in order to adapt to those assumed predominant standards! Let me state this clear: It is NOT an excuse for a bimbo to underperform, just because every single other girl in that location lacks in styling, feminine appeal, sex appeal or elegance! It is NOT an excuse for a bimbo to decrease her bimbo styling and/or appeal, just because every other girl in the room is boring, ugly or without any taste or effort! Standards set by normal girls mean nothing for a true bimbo doll! YOU set the standards! A bimbo can NEVER be “overdressed”! In fact, there is no such a thing as being “overdressed” for a bimbo – she by herself sets the standard for every other girl, who are clearly underdressed! Always give your best, always try to be the best, sexy, pretty and girly bimbo you can be, always dress to impress! You are the rolemodel – don’t turn down, don’t let them take that away from you! Always be the best bimbo princess!

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