Bimbo role model – Sila Star

We are still discussing the perfect bimbo tits in our ongoing multiple part series, where we already talked about the necessity of plastic and the basic bimbo rule regarding her boobs, so what could be more obvious than to choose a new bimbo rolemodel in the spirit of our series with those perfect bimbo tits? Sila Star recently brought the internet to nearly explode with a set of FANTASTIC pictures, showing this absolutely stunning and beautiful doll in a short, bright, bimboish, pink bodycon dress, which showcases her perfect body shape and her big, perfect bimbo tits in the most amazing and fitting way possible. This blonde goddess fulfills all expectations everyone might have, when it comes to the definition of a perfect bimbo doll: Very long, blonde hair, a beautiful face, the use of heavy make up in bright colors (pink lipstick!), a pair of enhanced, big tits to die for (respecting the basic rule), a shaped and perfectly modelled body with a flat belly and an incredible sexy ass, long legs, a strong sense for bimbo styles and dresses, favouring stripper heels, stockings and high heels in general – and obviously the love for the color pink! What else could a true bimbo lover want? The glittering and sparking navel piercing she wears is just another small little detail, that amplifies the bimbo expression and decorates her dream body in a girly and sexy way. This girl doesn’t only bring every trainers and bimbo lovers fantasy to life, she is also an unbelievably kind doll and more than just responsive on her social media channels. You should definetly check out her site and her social media channels and support this bimbo goddess in any way possible. Sila is by any means, a true bimbo role model and expresses the fitting lifestyle in the choice of her styles in the best way there is. To all the girls following our series about the perfect bimbo tits: This is how it is done… or maybe you want to go even bigger 😉 – no matter what – let’s hope Sila does many more fantastic photo sessions and maintains this awesome bimbo attitude!

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