Bimbo training – “How a bimbo should dress: Wearing the right panties the right way”

Please keep in mind: This lesson is not about the general appeal of your panties or the material! Whether you like lace, silk, leather, latex, lace, ribbons, strings doesn’t play a role here, as well as your favorite colors do not matter in this specific lesson. This lesson is purely about the general shape of your panties. Another thing to keep in mind: Many trainers/masters/partners/lovers do prefer their bimbos without any panties at all – even many bimbos do not like wearing some. While I think panties are a fantastic item to complete a bimbos look, especially if we’re talking about some fine lingerie, your and your partners/masters/trainers/lovers preferences trump this post of course.

If a bimbo wears panties, we certainly can agree on some aspects: The panties have to be feminine, sexy, “bimboish”, girly, cute, naughty, sweet, tantalizing, wicked or beautiful. Of course, they HAVE to match not only the rest of your underwear (bra, garter belt, stockings etc. – this is a must!), but the general style of your dress and the rest of your clothes. And we certainly can agree on the fact, that a bimbo should wear panties that do emphazise her body. A bimbo has the duty to always look as stunning and sexy as possible, and there are many aspects that do influence this appeal. We already talked many times about the importance of showcasing your legs in the best way there is, letting them appear as long as possible. This is most easily achieved by wearing some sky high heels, posing in the right way and wearing a really short skirt or dress, techniques that should be followed ALWAYS! But even your panties can visually lengthen your legs in a dramatic way, by shaping your hips, your ass and streamlining your complete appeal. We’re talking about V-shaped panties (see lesson paper above). This special shape influences your complete body and especially your legs in a fantastic and astonishing way! In fact, we already talked about the staggering and striking effect a very high and deep cut leg with a
V-shape can have in our post about bimbo Playboy bunnies!
It is not without reason, that the official Playboy bunny does feature such a shape! An outfit that merely exists to showcase girls in the most sexy, emphasizing and positive way there is and to please men of course. You can see the staggering and marvellous effect of this shape in the last example pictures of our last post about bimbo bunnies: Look at those astounding and incredible long legs of that sweet bunny!

Sadly, this is a shape that isn’t often seen nowadays. More a less a thing of the late 80s and the early 90s, the V-shaped panties seem to be forgotten by most girls and even disliked. Seeing all the benefits of this shape, I can’t understand why trends (which follow rarely rational ways in the fashion world admittedly) displaced these fantastic pieces almost completely, replacing them with blunt, unsexy and boring panties that do NOTHING for the legs and the body of any girl.

(After a quick talk with my trainees and my doll, I see a bit clearer why this might have happened: Obviously, high V-shaped panties are not very practical nowadays, because the trend turned towards cropped clothes, belly tops etc – and pants with a waistband that is far lower… – not a valid argument for me, because bimbos shouldn’t wear pants at all. Going out belly free with a short miniskirt is arguably a different case… but maybe in those cases, going out with any panties at all could be a solution. And since when is being a bimbo a matter of practicability? )

No matter what, every bimbo doll should only wear those benefitial V-shaped panties! Get rid of the other ones, your boring, poorly designed panties! However: There are some (!) cases in which “normal” panties are not only acceptable, but even preferable! We talked about the “bimbo school girl” – this would be one of those cases where white, cotton panties WITHOUT a V-shape are mandatory! The overall concept trumps this rule here! But those cases are very, very rare! And when you put on your V-shaped panties, like a good bimbo trainee – if you wear stockings and/or a garter belt with them – NEVER forget our rule about wearing stockings to your panties the one and only correct way!

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2 thoughts on “Bimbo training – “How a bimbo should dress: Wearing the right panties the right way”

  1. Thanks for taking the time to write out this article, as well as the rest of the blog. I immensely enjoy reading this information. I thought I could shed some light on why this style has faded so much over the years. Many people nowadays consider the thin waists and big asses to be much more important than previous years. Flat or “u” shaped panties cause the stomach to look thinner, the hips to look wider, and ass to look fuller. While men still do, and always will, LOVE tits, I would argue that men now seem more concerned with big booties than big boobies.

    1. Very good comment – thanks for that! Maybe you are right, but that would be a development I wouldn’t approve. However, lately I’ve seen many bimbo dolls wearing correct V-shaped panties – so maybe there is already a countermovement on the rise… hopefully.

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