Bimbo training – Bimbo postures and movements: “The bunny moves – The bunny greeting (blow a kiss)”

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“Bimbo training – Bimbo postures and movements: “The bunny moves – The bunny dip””


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How a bimbo should sit: “The bunny moves – The bunny perch”” first!

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This is our conclusion and final post regarding the bunny signature moves. As I already mentioned, this last post in this series, isn’t about a “real, certified” bunny move, it is just a technique which can frequently be seen, performed by official bunnies. It is perfectly useful in presenting your ass and granting everyone a peek on you tits, while greeting someone you know, or saying goodbye to someone over a distance. It is also often performed while posing in front of a camera. Because this movement is only loosely bunny related, it may be performed by every bimbo at any time, even without a proper bunny costume, and should be used often and in any possible situation! There simply isn’t a more girly and cute way of saying goodbye or hello (remember to start and end in the default bimbo stance, and remember to showcase your tits in the best way possible!). You can see in our examples above; bunnies are always required to showcase their asses in a feminine and noticeable way, a book every bimbo should take a leaf out of! Another reason why every girl should always pay attention to those playboy bunnies and rate them as their rolemodels – everything they do is meant to be as sexy, feminine and cute as possible! Though there are two more official bunny signature moves, the “bunny crouch” (maybe closely related to this lesson) and the “bunny high carry” (designed to manoeuvre a tray full of drinks high over the head through a crowded room) – on both no further informations can be found, we end our journey regarding the bunnies at this point. I leave you with three pictures of one of the cutest bunnies I have EVER seen, as an example of just how sexy this outfit can look like (notice what it does to the visual length of her legs!) and why you trainees should do everything to be the best bunny you can. Just look at THOSE AMAZING, LONG LEGS, that tight ass and that sweet overall look…

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