Pink Bimbo Academy Spotlight #3 – Gymgamergirl

So, here we are again, and our last spotlight with Candy Plastique lies waaaay back. After we had our first one with Nariko, it is definitely time for a new one. Let me introduce you to another very young, german bimbo trainee: Gymgamergirl! As you might already have imagined, this doll is about being a bimbo, being a gamer-girl and she’s all about working out to achieve a perfect bimbo body. Quite an unusual mixture of dedications you say? Well, I let her explain everything to you:

Hi Gymgamergirl, I am glad you like to answer some questions and we can have a little talk. I have to say, you look fantastic. Would you like to introduce yourself to the community and tell something about yourself?

Hey! Yes, first of all thank you for the compliment, yeah I’m 22 years young like to work out and love video games and in addition, I love to look somewhat “exaggerated” – so not like the “run-of-the-mill” nerd blonde next door – that’s a quick summary of me.

Can you explain what your name is all about? You seem very focused on keeping your body fit and exercising a lot?

Yes, so the name is actually quite easy to remember: I connect my love for work outs, the look and gaming together and create a new “kind” of women. I do the exercises as often as I can, of course I have to feel well, I do not want to be a bodybuilder but just be fit and have a well-trained body and motivate others to do that as well!

So fitness and gaming? How does that fit together and what do you enjoy about doing both?

Exactly, I’ve been a gamer-girl my whole life, and sports – I already do for eternities. I love sports where you can burn off energy and go to the limit. You feel great afterwards and can see the change quickly, with the right attitude! When I’m gaming, I’m fully immersed in the game and love the world there. Right now I love Call of Duty WW2!

Let’s start with the first real question: Would you describe yourself as a bimbo, what does this word mean to you and what does the term “bimbofication” mean to you?

I would not really call myself a genuine bimbo, but … I am thinking, I’m step by step on the right path. Because I would need more silicone, larger lips and generally more of everything – simply, the extreme eye-catching-factor! I love that style!

You have quite a long reach, with 70k followers on your Instagram – have you already had contact with the bimbo community or the bimbofication scene and if so, what was your first exposure to this topic?

Yes, I had some contact – and I have to say the girls are super open with the topic and many men are on it, but would not like to admit it. My pictures were often shared by Bimbo sites and also with users or trainers – a good thing, because you can talk with others and also get advice!

Would you like to tell us what you’ve already done with your body and what your goals are? How can we imagine the “finished bimbo Gymgamergirl” – what are you going to change next?

Wheeee! This topic really gets me going! So, I had my breasts enhanced with 600cc each side, several times Botox in the entire forehead and eye angles, dark circles, cheeks and nasolabial and lip injections every month. My body very quickly degrades all the active ingredients from even the harder preparations, so I have to fill it up so often. I also think about what you could use as an alternative. I would like to have my breasts redone next time, to at least 1200cc per side with a high profile, but I have to get some really good advise before! I would also like to have my nose operated and made it smaller and Brazilian Butt Lifting etc. Also there’s a lot about my face I would work on, of course. A lot of construction sites…

Breast enlargements, lips… what do you like about these things and would you like to see all of this as a more established part of society and more girls striving for the bimbo ideal?

I love big breasts and lips and I think that a lot of girls just don’t dare, just because they prefer to listen to other opinions or are heavily influenced by others.

What do you think about bimbofication in Germany? What do you think of the German flagship-bimbos Sophia Vegas Wollersheim and Vanity Porn? Could you imagine to become the bimbo number one in Germany with more modifications and a dedicated bimbo style?

Honestly, I think they are all great, everyone has something unique! Of course, why not, but not like the mentioned ones, but more fitness and gaming related.

What attracts you most to bimbo-style and are there any girls in the community you find particularly representative? Do you have some role models? If yes, who are they?

Like I said: I love this style because it is different from the “norm” -just not the average but very distinct. You need incredible courage if you dare to go that way. I look at a lot of girls but I do not have a real role model.

What do you think of the general “queens of the scene”, the well-known bimbos, like Candy Charms, Alicia Amira, Amy Anderssen and Sarah Michelle Summer?


Do you have any friends who share the interest in bimbofication or even BBFs (Best Bimbo Friends) who do this with you together?

My best friend has just had her breasts enlarged and now she likes to do it again. I think I’m slowly plugging her in and honestly thinking about going through my next surgery with her together.

Do you think it belongs to a bimbo to have a certain mindset and a certain style? How would you describe your style?

In any case! Big tits, plumper ass, thick lips, dollface, long hair and fingernails – simply feminine characteristics made to be “blatant” and taken to the max.

Do you have a favorite color and favorite garments? What are your favorite accessories and your favorite shoes? Without what would you never go out of the house?

Favorite color pink, how appropriate. in all tones! Garments… hm, I always find strings very sexy if they look good and you have a matching butt! Accessories: It’s hard to say. Do piercings count? I love all of mine! And shoes… I think sky high heels are very cool, about 20cm – or just some awesome sneakers! One should look cool in almost every shoe (unless the shoes look are really shit). I would never leave the house without my cellphone! You always need that.

What do you think about makeup? Is that important to you or not? Would you leave the house without make up?

I love make up! But sometimes that’s too exhausting for me. In summer, I usually do not wear makeup because my face is then tanned from the sun and it’s so warm anyway, the makeup would completely melt away with me… But otherwise, I love make-up and I love getting my make-up ready for shootings and I always love to wear dark lipstick!

Let’s get to your two specialties. Gaming and fitness. How often do you work during the week and how long a day?

I try to do it as often as possible, every 2 days until every day and usually 1-2 hours.

Is there any advice you could give other girls when it comes to getting their bodies into shape? What kind of training can you suggest?

Girls should exercise their ass a lot more! Just so it will be round and tight without implants! This is my favorite workout .. Legs & Butt!

Is there anything you can say to girls who are having trouble getting up to work out, because they often do not feel like it, but are still looking for a motivation to get a perfect bimbo body?

You should never doubt yourself and just start! Always get enough motivation, be it from videos or from a community .. never give up!

What about nutrition, do you have some advice?

In any case, you should make a plan! Not too much sugar and carbohydrates! This is frankly hard to say, you have to know the body you work for, to make a plan, only then can you really work out a proper nutrition plan.

You’re a gamer girl – what are your three favorite games?

1st Devil may cry, 2nd Call of duty WW2, 3rd GTA 5 (online).

What was the best game of 2018 so far and why?

My favorite game has been around for quite some time and it’s called Devil may cry, Dante is my favorite character, the story is absolutely exciting and it’s just awesome. Nothing more to say about that 😀

Do you stream when you play?

I’m on my way! I like being on Youtube or Twitch under my GymGamerGirl name!

What does your dream man look like?

Tall, trained, tattooed… “exaggerated” too. Someone I can admire and he should put the world at my feet, a really perfect man and no stupid asshole.

And what about the perfect date?

It’s always nice to go out and have dinner. If it fits – then, sex is great… and if that fits – everything is fine! If not – he’s out, haha! That’s because sex is very important to me.

Are you only inclined to men or do you have something left for women?

I only like dicks. But I must confess, I find girls very sexy very often – but wouldn’t have sex with them.

With which celebrity would you go on a date immediately?

Hmm, hard to say… I can not think of one now!

Have you ever visited the Pink Bimbo Academy? What do you think of the idea of bringing girls closer to the subject and helping them with outfits, style, behavior, body modifications, etc.?

I think it’s great that girls are introduced to the topic and they hopefully start to think about that. Probably some of them start to explore that way and decide to go on a path that makes them happier.

Can the community support you with your bimbofication? Are there social media channels on which our readers can follow you?

Gladly on Instagram or Facebook under GymgamerGirl!

Can we expect photos of you in the future that capture your vision of the bimbo spirit?


Finally, a few “either / or questions”:

Mini-skirt or pants?


Sport-shoes or high heels?

I love both! But for normal days I would rather use sneakers.

Latex or silk?


Pantyhose or stockings / suspenders?


Netflix or Gym?


Playstation or XboX?


Many thanks, I hope you succeed with your goals and I wish you that everything comes exactly as you want it!

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