The end of the PBA on tumblr

If you can read this, you have come to the right place. Yesterday, the tumblr staff released a new announcement, regarding a change of their TOS: After the 17th of December, no adult content in any form will be allowed on tumblr anymore! This does not only include porn, but also nudity. Most likely, this will be the end of the Pink Bimbo Academy on tumblr, the place where it all began. It comes not really completely unexpected, because I received warnings from some fellow followers on the PBA subreddit – thank you guys.

So, I try to lead every reader of the tumblr version of my blog to this site – the main project site. Here, everything will continue and there will be new content like nothing happened. As I said – if you can read this – you made it. Bookmark this site and maybe turn on push notifications (that small bell in the lower right corner) and keep on following me here. However, this is the end of an era – tumblr remained my number one social connection to the online bimbo community with nearly 12,000 followers. It won’t surprise you that I’m really sad. At the moment I’m working on an evacuation plan and I’m looking for alternatives and options.

What is important for you now:

There is an online petition you can sign, if you want to let projects like mine continue there! I doubt this will help much, but it is worth a try. The purge of bimbo related content on tumblr will be a huge blow to the online bimbofication scene in general!

I thank everyone of you guys who visited my blog and read my stuff from the getgo. Every tumblr user who likes what I’m doing and supported me from the beginning on is welcomed here. We will overcome.

I already made an announcement on the tumblr blog: Click here!

Thank you guys and stay tuned!

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