Pink Bimbo Academy Spotlight #7 – Lucy Dawson


Surprise! Today there is really something going on here, eh? But don’t be confused – we’re reaching the highlight for today! A new PBA spotlight interview with a very special guest! Today we are talking to a girl, who just very recently decided to start her own bimbofication. But that is not what is so special about her: Lucy suffers from a very hard fate. But even this will not hold her back in her endeavors – which makes her an absolutely astounding, proud, brave and worshipable rolemodel for every girl out there. Look at her strength and her willpower – and see what this girl is able to do! In addition, Lucy absolutely NEEDS supporters to make her dream of some big, enhanced bimbo tits come true – so please guys, help this doll out and think about supporting her! But I think it is a good idea to let her explain the situation herself:

Hi Lucy, I’m especially proud to have you here in my little PBA Spotlight section, where I introduce new bimbo dolls to the community, or just have a talk with girls who are already famous in the world of bimbofication. You are a very special guest and I am very sure, after this interview, when our readers got to know you a little better, many girls will see you as proof, that a girl can become whatever she wants if she just has the willpower and that a girl can become a bimbo doll – even if she has been treated very badly by fate. Would you mind introducing yourself to our community?

Hi everyone! I’m Lucy Dawson, or @luuudaw on Instagram, @ludawinthesky on twitter! I’m 23 and living in the UK in the midlands

You told me, that you carry a heavy burden, would you tell our readers what problems you have to deal with and why?

Of course, I was your average 20 year old girl until one day I fell extremely ill with a rare brain disease called anti ndma receptor autoimmune encephalitis. This disease left me near enough dead and many acquired brain injuries such as memory loss, confusion, epilepsy and seizures etc. When I woke up from the comatose like state that I was in for 3 months whilst in hospital, I could not talk or walk, read or write etc so the past 2 and a half years I have been desperately trying to regain as much ability as possible! As well as this, because of complications that I faced in hospital, I am now physically disabled with a paralysed left leg. This makes certain aspects of life extremely difficult. So – you could say that my brain is broken, and my body is broken!

Yet, you decided to become a bimbo princess – an exemplary and brave decision! What was your motivation to make this decision?

When I came out of hospital and was first trying to train my cognitive abilities again, one of the things that helped me greatly was exploring the makeup products that I owned. Unless you are someone who regularly plays and experiments with makeup, you won’t appreciate the skill and art it takes to create looks. On days where I felt absolutely horrendous about myself, applying a full face of glamorous makeup and my signature big hair would put a smile on my face, I have always loved the look of extremely glamorous women from Pamela Anderson to my current fave, Trisha Paytas, and before I never thought I could ever be as beautiful as these women.

What do you think of, when you hear the terms “bimbo” and “bimbofication”? What does that mean for you?

I understand that connotations that come with being blonde and wearing lots of makeup and clothes that show off your body somewhat. One time I was walking down the street and a girl walked past me and said to her friend ‘she’s plastic’ and I think when you get comments like that, or people telling you you shouldn’t be wearing certain clothes cos you don’t have the body for it, or you’re wearing too much makeup etc then you start to think – maybe I am too over the top and too sparkly for society? But that isn’t the case – it is simply that society isn’t sparkly enough for you! Women who take time with their appearance and pride in it should be appreciated for the time and effort that it takes!

When did you first come into contact with these terms and how? What were your first thoughts?

I think I first came across this sort of lifestyle when you guys followed me on twitter! And then more recently I saw Alicia Amira speaking on This Morning and thought she came across so eloquently and wonderfully that it made me look even further!

Were you always a girl that emphasized being feminine, attractive and sexy? How did that evolve?

Since I was about 15 I wore a full face of makeup to school every day and wouldn’t really leave the house without it. And also at this age I starting backcombing my hair to make it have mega volume which I think is one of the main things that adds to my glamorous look!

Do you think your illness makes it more difficult for you to become a bimbo? How do you plan to overcome these problems?

One of the main issues that I have now is with footwear, as I wear a leg splint I am unable to wear any shoes other than horrible flat plimsolls, this really ruins an outfit! Also, it is hard to maintain a nice figure when exercise is so difficult because of my disability. However, recently I have begun extremely healthy eating and doing workout routines in my flat using youtube videos.

Do you think that your bimbofication might help you to overcome your problems and to reclaim your life in a way you control and how you want it to be?

I think for the first time I’m going to focus really hard on getting the body that I want. Before I had always assumed that I was destined to be chubby/fat but now I have realised that this is entirely in my control.

For your bimbofication, you are planning to modify your body – like a good bimbo should do – what did you already do? Is it true you already got lipfillers?

I managed to save for my first juvaderm fillers this month! There are things about my face that I don’t particularly love, such as I have a bit of a piggy nose! But instead of changing that, fillers are a nice subtle way to distract the attention elsewhere as well as giving a fuller pout which I find looks loooovely with makeup!

What modifications are next? Do you plan to enhance your body even further in the near future to strive for bimbo perfection?

It would do absolute wonders for my confidence if I were able to have corrective surgery of my bust as I have always struggled with asymmetry. Furthermore, fluctuating weight as I have been in and out of hospital has meant I just don’t have the top half that I so greatly want! I’ve always dreamed of having perfect breasts like Amanda Lovelie etc but hopefully soon things will go my way..

You are an outstanding rolemodel in terms of dedication and willpower – can the community support you? How can we help you out?

Of course following my on my social medias would be a massive help and HEY of course, any donations would be massively welcome (hehehe) to help me achieve a more perfect bimbo look. <3

Do you have a favourite bimbo doll? A personal hero?

My favourite bimbo doll without a doubt is the wonderful Trisha Paytas, she is like the perfect plus sized barbie and I adore the way she looks and how proud and confident she is in being ultra feminine and wearing whatever the heck she wants!

Are you only interested in men, or in (bimbo-)girls too?

I definitely see the beauty in women but I am only physically/emotionally interested in men.

What do you think of the Pink Bimbo Academy? Do you read the blog? What do you think about the lessons, the rolemodeposts and the bimbo training articles?

I think it’s a great community to be a part of, everyone I have come across is super accommodating and supportive of one another! The PBA is there for you at all times to give advice, I know I’ve experienced their help a lot already! Last night I looked through the role model and training articles and learnt even more about this new world!

What can we expect in the near future? Do you plan to publish more pictures, videos or something else?

I shall post much more content once I get to a place where I am a little happier with my outer appearance! In the meantime I shall keep on posting update photos and let you all know how I get along transforming 😀

Where can we see more of you? Do you have further social media channels? Will you keep the community up to date about your transformation – where can we follow you to stay informed?

Youtube – lucy dawson

Twitter – @ludawinthesky

Instagram – @luuudaw

Facebook – Lucy may dawson

Blog – lucyintheskywithencephalitis

Only fans  – luudaw

Do you want to give us a personal message? Something you want the community to know or something you would like to be heard?

I emplore you to read my blog linked above to learn more about Encephalitis and help me spread awareness!!

Thank you very much Lucy – I am honored you took the time to talk with me. I wish you all the best – I hope you overcome every adversity and I hope all your dreams come true. I am sure many people in the community will support you and I hope that every insecure girl out there will take you as her guiding light. Let’s stay in contact, and keep us up to date about your bimbofication – Good luck, princess!

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