Site Update 04.04.2019

The rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated…” – Mark Twain

…although I have been thinking about that lately… No – that’s a little exaggerated too – but what is true is, that I had some severe medical issues and wasn’t able to bring you guys some new stuff and throw this siteupdate out there. However, I’m feeling much better already, and I think it is safe to say that I am back! I want to use this opportunity to thank my supporters on Patreon, who did stay with me and kept on helping me out. Thank you very much guys! So – here it is, the update for the PBA I wanted to give you already quite a while ago. Let’s dive right in!

The updated PBA Curriculum

Many of you guys messaged me over the last year, that the interactive curriculum is not up to date. It is fairly easy to explain why this will always be a problem: Creating and altering the interactive curriculum is quite a chore. I made the decision to update the curriculum once a year. So… we’re close to the first anniversary of the PBA site – and here it is, the updated curriculum. Sadly, the plugin I use to make it “interactive” doesn’t allow me to add more hotspots in its free version, so… yeah… at the moment, some of the new buttons don’t work. I will have to upgrade the plugin and fix it later. However, there is also a high resolution print version of the new curriculum, directly available for my supporters on Patreon and in the members area here on the PBA site. Many of you guys also told me that they can’t find many of the articles in the curriculum. This is working as intended, because it is only there to give trainers and trainees an overview and courseplan for dedicated lesson papers! It is NOT intended to be something like a sitemap to navigate every article on this site…

The new Navigation

…which leads us to…… the new sitemap! Many, many, MANY of you guys told me how it is a pain in the ass to navigate on this site and find different articles. I heard you guys! Now, in addition to the old ways of navigating (the search area and the categories on the campus) we have now a new top menu bar and a complete sitemap! There you can find EVERYTHING and anything I ever posted on this site. I couldn’t come up with a better idea, but I will further refine this and try to make it easier for you guys to get to the posts you want to read. Please let me know what you think and if I could establish even better ways of navigating the site.

PBA Social Media
Let’s have a look at the current status of our social media channels: After the great tumblr purge, we are back to over 11K followers there, which means that I only have to get 1k more to return to the condition we had before. In addition, the refuge we built ourselves on BDSMLER is growing constantly. Over 600 followers gathered there and follow the stream of articles. There are still some subpar aspects on BDSMLER, like the fact that all links get erased when I copy an article, or that it is still pretty much impossible to create a unique and fitting pagedesign. Twitter is going strong, with nearly 6K followers, unlike minds, where I still don’t have much interaction at all. However, the PBA subreddit is striving! About 1,8K subscribers – and over the last few weeks, we finally had some community interaction and discussion there! I’m very happy with that and would like to encourage you guys to participate! The new guy in town is Instagram for the PBA. Yes, I have an instagram account now, and I am also quite happy with that, because of the absolutely MASSIVE amount of bimbo suitable girls there – apart from the thousands of fakes and bot-accounts. No matter what, If you have an account on one or more of these sites – PLEASE follow me! “Why?” do you ask? Because it supports my “online-social-proof” which makes it more likely for girls to respond to my messages and inquiries. The more followers I get – the more likely it is to get some famous bimbo dolls and rolemodels for an interview – something you guys would benefit from. So – please give me shoutouts, on twitter, tumblr, instagram, reddit, minds, BDSMLER, etc. – follow me and spread my social media channels. Link articles, reblogg and retweet stuff and help me in propagating the bimbofication ideals!

The new Content

I already said “thank you” to my dear supporters on Patreon for staying with me, even when I’m knocked out for a short while. I used this opportunity to post the second “supporters and subscribers only” lesson on Patreon, which deals with the introduction to the first bimbo archetype “the bimbo babygirl” – a very specimen, and her gimbo twin-sister: The gimbo lolita. This content, in addition to other new stuff, will be available in the newly introduced “members-area” up there in the top menu. I feel we have now enough stuff to offer for supporters to make this official, especially with that over 150 pages book in mind… BUT, there will be more stuff in the near future! So, if you like the stuff I’m creating here, think about supporting me on Patreon to gain access to the members area and get some exclusive stuff. Thank you very much for your support!

As I already said, many of you guys told me, you would like to read more about “beginner stuff” – things dealing with girls who just started their bimbofication or are still thinking about it or even don’t know anything about the whole topic. I just posted the first article about the basic bimbo mindset, which explains some of the very most basic psychic conditions that have to be met in order to start a bimbofication. But there will be more – just stay tuned. What else? Our series about Bimbo Makeup will continue! I am currently working on some things, and I bet you will like it. Regarding new content: Right after I posted this site update, I will post something very special…. A new PBA spotlight with a very special guest! Stay tuned, it will be here in a minute šŸ˜‰

So, stay with me guys, there is much more to come – special supporter content, new rolemodels (a very special rolemodel for the first anniversary of the PBA site!), stylechecks, lessons, items and more series! In addition, there will be more, minor updates to this site and of course, new features, as well as finally, new stuff in the PBA merch store! I’m glad you guys are with me – let us bring the bimbofication spirit to the world together!

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