Bimbo role model – Skyler Nicole

It is always a happy moment and an event that should be celebrated, when a bimbo joins the 2000cc+ club. Todays rolemodel, the amazing, beautiful, stunning Skyler Nicole did just that recently! Not without a reason I decided to talk about her today, because just a few days ago, I posted the 100th PBA lesson paper, dealing with perfect bimbo tits and the rules that should be applicable regarding these matters. With 2000cc, you surely enter the realm of perfect bimbo tits, so I thought it would be only reasonable to talk about a princess that just broke this very important barrier. So, let’s talk about the newest member of the bimbo rolemodel club with 2000cc+ boobs:

Skyler Nicole possesses aspects of what we could call “a princess archetype bimbo” – a luxurious doll with elaborate, elegant styles, a classy visual appeal and habitus and very high demands on herself. Usually, the princess archetype doesn’t possess the biggest tits in comparison to other bimbos – a regularity that gets broken only very rarely, sadly – but in this case, our princess most likely does have the biggest tits in a random group of bimbos, which is very welcomed. Skyler bestows honor to all the demands we have regarding true bimbo rolemodels: Beautiful, long, bright blonde hair, a beautiful face, with big, puffy lips (which could be bigger and rounder though) and extremely good make up (-skills). Especially her practice of seemingly always wearing saturated, red lipstick is EXTREMELY welcomed and very bimbo suitable. Of course I already talked about her cleavage quite a lot – but let me use this opportunity to do it some more: Like I said, Skylers upgrade happened not long ago and I remember following the process on twitter – an event she let her followers witness with regular updates, even right before and right after her actual surgery. This is not only very forthcoming towards her community it also gave us the opportunity to experience her own feelings, which was the actual spectacle of the whole process: Very seldom, i’ve seen such a beautiful girl being SO excited and happy because of her getting such huge implants. It was a joy to watch, reading her tweets before the surgery, and right after, in which she expressed so much happiness and glee that I couldn’t help myself but be extremely happy for her myself. This is exactly the lighthearted, joyful, warm and fun attitude a bimbo has to have! It was barnstorming, and I am happy the result turned out to be absolutely FANTASTIC and she is happy with it. Speaking of this… of course, there is the question if she should go even bigger. Of course, yes – that would be even more awesome, and it would surely look great on her – but right now, these 2000cc boobs are already absolute eyecandy and will draw everyones attention – so, give her some time. We are clearly in the realm of perfect bimbo tits here – so don’t exaggerate… for now. What else do we have? Well, as you can clearly see, Skyler has a very fit body and a fairly perfect body shape overall, with a stunning butt and some… absolutely FANTASTIC, sexy, long legs – which are, in my honest opinion, the second biggest attraction, following her boobs, regarding the most outstanding features of her appeal.

I already hinted at Skylers style, her way of dressing and presenting herself – which can absolutely be described as “princess like”. This kind of bimbo, is usually not the kind that wears skimpy porn outfits or cute, girly school girl uniforms – but instead elegant robes, sexy, classy dresses and elaborate evening gowns. This is not a bad thing, quite the contrary! Although I think a bimbo should be able to perform well in all these categories, the “luxurious bimbo princess” is not the worst outcome. Nevertheless, Skylers way of styling absolutely complements and benefits her visual appeal: Very bimbo suitable, revealing, though elegant dresses that showcase her huge rack in a stylish way, elaborate makeup, sky high heels, jewelry… what is there not to love about? Not only that, but her positive, kind attitude is inspiring and very bimbo compatible. There are many reasons why all you girls and bimbo trainees out there should take her as a prime example – a guidig light for you to follow, not least because of the recent 2000cc upgrade I mentioned again and again and again – a size for bimbo boobs that should truly become the golden standard for all bimbo girls out there. So, visit her profiles, give her a follow, and come up with YOUR goals for 2021! Be the best bimbo you can be – go after this bimbo princess and make 2021 YOUR year of bimbofication in which you break all boundaries and enhance yourself to be the best bimbo version of yourself you can be!

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