Get your bimbofication funded – Become a perfect bimbo doll

Do you want to become the next Lolo Ferrari? The next Candy Charms? A hyperfeminine, perfect bimbo doll…?

This is not only an exceptional thing for me – it may also very well be a once in a lifetime opportunity for a lucky female reader of the PBA:

I was approached by a kind and friendy couple, asking me for support on their search for their “own, perfect bimbo doll”. The reason why I am making a public post about this, is the fact, that this couple wields a considerable amount of wealth – wealth they are willing to provide in parts for the complete bimbofication of a willing girl – as well as for an accompanying bimbo suitable lifestyle in luxury and prosperity.

Before we come to the questions and answers I created together with my community and the couple in question, let me give you some key data:

The couple looking for a willing bimbo trainee is British, he is in his mid-30s, she is in her mid 20s. They would fund the complete bimbofication, including all surgeries and enhancements, for which $100.000 are budgeted for.

They are looking for a willing FEMALE (no sissies, no crossdressers, no “dick girls”, etc.!!!), dedicated to become a PERFECT bimbo doll – according to the rules and teachings of the PBA. You must speak English and you must be willing to travel/move. You MUST follow the rules and teachings of the PBA and you have to strive for bimbo perfection (no half-assed bimbofications! No “just 800cc breast implants and that’s it”! The REAL deal!)

For detailed information, proceed to the Q&A:

  1. What are your guidelines? Are the rules of the PBA what you are
    aiming at or do you have any more things in mind?

The rules of the PBA are such an excellent resource for the definition
of bimbofication and hyper-feminization, that I think few extra
guidelines are needed in terms of what we would like the girl to

  1. What is your “plan”? How will this go through?

The process will likely involve multiple stages:
Stage 1: Finding one or more potential candidates whose looks, goals
and availability are mutually acceptable. At this stage it’s really
just about exchanging plans and photos.
Stage 2: The initial chat: this would be a video chat done online for
30-60 minutes to meet each other and get a feel for personality.
Stage 3: Follow-up chats: One or more dates where we meet the girl and
get a much deeper understanding of each other, checking chemistry &c.
Stage 4: Probation/try-out: A period of 3-6 weeks of beginning the
bimbofication process but before any major surgeries begin where we
trial living together with the bimbo candidate firmly in her role with
Stage 5: Final commitment: rolling 12+ month agreement to stay, with
an shared idea of timeline in terms of striving to become the perfect

  1. What are your expectations? Do you accept “any” trainee – as long
    as she is dedicated and willing to go for bimbo perfection and hyper
    femininity in the end? We have several bimbos in the process of losing weight, we have a huge variety of ages, we have gimbos, we have multiple races, we have attached and single trainees.

We are looking for more of a classic bimbo rather than a gimbo, but
are happy to consider both. Overall, we would prefer someone younger.

In terms of skin tone, we’re probably primarily interested in someone
who fits the mold of the classic “white porn star” look (we’re both
caucasion and from northern European), however we are happy to also
consider those of more asian/middle eastern descent. Mental attitude
and devotion to being what we want are really the most important

Any candidate must be single and ready to become wholly devoted to us.

  1. What is your timeline to ‘fully bimbofied’? Do you accept

We are looking for a bimbo to join us long-term, perhaps indefinitely,
but certainly for years.

We would expect to make a swift start in terms of any surgical
procedures and we would trust the medical professionals to ensure that
the rate of procedures is as safe as it is fast. Beyond that we are
looking for fully dedicated candidates who are ready to devote 100% of
their time towards becoming our bimbo.

I’m not sure how long it would take to get fully bimbofied (or even
what that would really constitute), but I’d hope that most of the big
surgeries are done in the first 3 years.

  1. What interaction do you expect, especially early on?

At stage 4 (try-out/probation) and beyond, we would expect “full”
interaction with us.

  1. What’s your down payment willingness?

We will cover all expenses for stage 3 and beyond. At stage 4 we are
ready to pay for minor cosmetic operations (e.g. lip fillers) and
would arrange a tidy allowance for the weeks spent with us.

  1. How will you pay?

In terms of payment, cash or cryptocurrency is prefered.

  1. Are ALL surgeries, treatments, etc. necessary for a complete
    bimbofication included? Also wardrobe, regular styling, bimbo
    lifestyle, etc.?

EVERYTHING is included and to the highest quality. We expect to spend
over EUR 100,000 on surgeries. We will cover all their life-costs such
as healthcare, food, accommodation and travel as long as they are with
us. We will also provide them with a reasonable allowance for
cosmetics, styling and clothes.

  1. Does the trainee need to live with you all the time / forever /
    occasionally / regularly?

They should be completely loyal and devoted to us. Therefore they will
live and travel with us all the time. They will sometimes get their
own bed, sometimes sleep with us. They will sometimes eat with us,
sometimes not. They will be treated very much as a human sex-doll, or
a beloved pet. We will expect them to relish this role and live within
it 24/7.

  1. Are bimbos in prior relationships excluded?

Candidates will need to be willing and able to commit to us exclusively.

  1. Where are you located?

We are currently based in Malta, but we travel widely and in luxury.
We are looking for a bimbo sex pet to match 🙂

  • End of the Q&A

If YOU want to grasp this opportunity, this one time chance, send an email to me (I will make sure everything gets handled confidentially) with pictures of yourself, links to your social media pages (if possible) and a brief introduction to THIS email address:

PLEASE NOTICE: This email address will not be up for long! It will be deleted once a certain time has passed or when a suitable trainee has been found! Furthermore: Do not write oppinion mails to this address – those will get deleted immediately. Only write an email if:

  1. You are willing to accept the terms and conditions of this offering
  2. You actually qualify for this
  3. You are serious

Lastly, I have to state the following: Personally, I have strong reasons to believe that this couple is who they claimed to be in our private conversation and that this offering is indeed real and serious. HOWEVER: I can NOT guarantee this 100% – and you are ALWAYS obliged to take care for your own safety! Be cautious and reasonable!

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