Bimbo Uniforms – Set: Moschino Think Pink Leather Set

Italian star designer Franco Moschino introduced a very special collection in 2015. Inspired by Mattels role model Barbie dolls, he created a whole collection dedicated to pink wearing bimbos. The most special set in that collection is the “leather type set” we are viewing here, consisting of a very tight, short bright pink leather jacket, a fairly short pink leather pencil skirt, a fitting handbag and some light pink pumps. This is a very brave and big step in the fashion world, in view of heavy unfeminine and unsexy, boring creations we could discover the last years. The jacket and the skirt are perfect for every bimbo out there! The bright proud pink signals everyone what type of girl this clothes wears and draws attention to her. The jacket seems to be made for big, enhanced tits, stretching the leather to the max, short enough to show a flat, beautiful belly, without the need to wear something underneath it. The skirt is short enough to draw attention to her long legs, and should compliment a well trained ass perfectly. The handbag is the fitting detail for the whole outfit. Only the shoes are something that doesn’t line up with this perfect collection. Yes, they are pink, and they are high heels – but they have a way too small heel. But fortunately there are other heels giving the whole outfit the best finish it can get. I recommend some bright pink Louboutin pumps, which are always state of the art high heels (last picture) or the YSL Tributes we talked about in the past, maybe some white or pink high heel boots. Do not wear any other pieces to this set, apart from maybe some transparent, glittering, shiny, nude stockings and jewelry (a Barbie bracelet or collar, silver jewelry and so on). So, this set is a real must have for bimbos, but good luck finding these pieces: It was sold out in no time…

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