Bimbo role model – Andrea Cohen

I’m sure many of you have seen this cute little bimbo girls picture, with her wearing that black latex dress and corset with a “Hello Kitty” on it, and many of you still don’t know who this sweet little miss is. Here we have Andrea Cohen, a dark haired bimbo of a special kind: A trained body, mildly enhanced tits, a sweet, firm ass, beautiful legs, tanned skin and a cute doll like face. So what makes her special, you might ask – and I will tell you: Andrea has a very unique style to her, which includes her very own way of dolling up. She prefers skin tight latex skirts and dresses, showing her superb trained body, showing skin wherever she can, a very dolly-little-girl make up and style (love it) and obviously she’s in deep love for stripper plateau high heels, which is just perfect for a bimbo doll. Try to find a picture of her, on which she wears some other shoes – I haven’t found one (which is just the way it should be). Those heels stretch her legs in a perfect way and raise her ass for that perfect look. In addition, she is always dead right in her choice regarding the skirt length of the pieces she’s wearing. Bimbos all over the world: Never wear a skirt that is longer than the skirts Andrea wears! I would like to mention, that most of her “fashion pieces” are custom made by herself (like the “Hello Kitty” stripper heels), from which you can see how serious and committed she is about the bimbo lifestyle.

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