Bimbo training – “Bimbo postures and movements: How to bend over and pick something up”

Here is our next bimbo training paper. Although this performance is not really difficult, most bimbos tend to forget about this technique when it comes to real life situations, and use it instead to attract special partners in romantic situations. This is obviously desirable, but not meant to be as a sole performance to initialize sexual encouters with her partner, but as a complete technique to be applied in every situation where something has to be picked up or attention has to be generated. Notice, that there is a second posture for bimbos to pick something up, or to bend over, with her legs spread, but this will be covered in another, future lesson. First, every bimbo trainee has to master and perfect her performance with her legs closed. Every trainer has to ensure that his bimbo will never crouch down or bend her knees when she picks something up. Ensure she pushes her ass out as far as possible. Test your bimbo by dropping something and ask her to pick it up. Do this out of context and unexpected. Try to increase the height of her heels. The second picture above shows you a fairly good attempt at applying this technique. Altough her knees are not perfectly straight, she sticks her ass out in a quite impressing way. This bimbo schoolgirl is on the right way to perfect her performance. Speaking of bimbo schoolgirls, these uniforms, mainly the short skirts, are perfect to practice this lesson.

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