Bimbo training – “How a bimbo should dress: Metal heel tips”

Bimbos + Plastic, the more the better, right? No, not this time, I’m afraid. This time, we are talking about the replacement of plastic heel tips with metal heel tips. Why is that necessary you might ask? First, let’s have a look at one special characteristic of high heels, that is often overlooked: The sound! Today we’re not talking about the absolute necessity for bimbos to always wear high heels and their undeniable visual benefits, but the special side effect of “hearing a bimbo walking in high heels”. Everytime the clacking of high heels can be heard, most men are painting the picture of a sexy, young lady, walking in a mini skirt, on sky high heels, in their heads, in that exact moment. You can observe this phenomenon, by having a look at men, with a girl in high heels walking by, beyond their viewing area. In many situations, these men will turn their heads in order to focus the source of these sounds. This way of drawing attention, is a powerful tool of a bimbo and should be used whenever possible. It can and should be amplified, by replacing the cheap plastic heel tips, with better metal heel tips. These produce a much louder, better, more sexy and more distinguished sound than plastic ones. The difference can be heard in this video, including the complete procedure described in our lesson today! Just listen to the difference! Although, being a bimbo is, in most ways, a visual statement, the other four senses aren’t allowed to be ignored! Never underestimate the power of subliminal sounds and noises! In these cases, the clacking of metal heel tips, can tell the story of a sexy, beautiful, big titted lady, walking in stiletto heels and a short mini skirt right behind you… and if you bimbo trainees out there follow my rules, it most certainly won’t be just a story, but the sheer truth. In the end, another video with a good example of how metal heel tips sound. What are you waiting for? Collect your heels and have a look for you local cobbler!

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