Gimbo role model – Dita von Teese

I would like to introduce you to our first gimbo rolemodel; Dita von Teese! “But she isn’t even a real goth, let alone a gimbo” – you might say, and yes, she is arguably the most well known representative of the “new burlesque” and the 30s – 50s -style, but probably wouldn’t consider calling herself a “goth”. Nevertheless, the impact she made and still makes on the gothic subculture is more than just huge. This isn’t necessarily connected to the fact, that she was formerly married to goth icone Marilyn Manson and did appear in his music videos, but that she influenced the style, many girls in the scene like to dress and behave. One could say, that Dita von Teese is to the gimbo culture as Marylin Monroe is to the bimbo culture: An ageless, classic, style-forming icone. And that would be true in all regards! Like Marilyn Monroe, she created several techniques to amplify her feminine aura, her appeal, her style, her movements and her behaviour. Total dedication! In addition, she cemented dozens of aspects, regarding dresscodes and clothing styles in the gothic culture, like stockings, high heels (pumps), corsets, high class lingerie, fetish accessories and so on. You won’t be able to find a real gimbo, who doesn’t admire her, and that’s not only because of her rolemodel status – take a look at her angelic, beautiful face, her perfect body (imagine her with much bigger tits…) and her amazing, elegant style, and you know what I mean. BUT – not only gimbos should take her as their rolemodel! There are many things normal bimbos should learn from her: She did several beauty enhancements, gained some fame as a tightlacer (she reduced her waistline to 22″ (56cm) and can be laced down as far as 16.5″ (42cm) – this is something every bimbo should take as an example! Read my corset-post and the need for bimbos to wear corsets to achieve a perfect hourglas figure!), created stunning lingerie designs, behaves and moves with such elegance and sex appeal, every bimbo should be astonished, and dresses like a sexy, dark goddess!

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