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Let’s do another style check today. This time, let’s do something special! Lately we covered some topics, like a rolemodel post about the amazing Jenny Poussin and a post about those fantastic Rhinestone slogan chokers, and of course (though it was posted some time ago) one about mandatory stripper heels. Why not pick a style check, where we have all those topics together?

Let’s see this stuff in action!

Done right:

What can I say about the stunning, beautiful bimbo rolemodel Jenny Poussin, that I didn’t already say? Just take a look at this sexy, perfect bimbo doll, presenting, how a bimbo should style and behave at home on a wellnes day, shortly before taking a bath, for all you bimbo trainees out there. Her sweet face, her legs, her shaped body, her blonde hair, her enhanced tits, everything here is striving for perfection – and she’s definitely very close to it! Jenny is wearing one of our glittering, sparkling Rhinestone slogan collars, saying “FUCK ME” in clear, big letters, transporting a very distinct message, suitable for a perfect bimbo doll. This is how it is done, this is a perfect example for you trainees! Just wearing a pink (perfect color choice!) fishnet body, is the right choice for a bimbo on a day like this, where she is all about cherishing herself (and her trainer), taking a bath and cultivating her body. The pink stripper heels are the icing on the cake, perfectly matching the color and the style of her dress. One cannot overemphasize the importance of you bimbos wearing those kind of heels at home and whenever possible! This is how a bimbo has her wellnes day!

Done wrong:

Nothing. Simply nothing. Just lets hope again she goes for bigger tits 🙂

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