5. BBFs – BBFs generate more bimbo/party output

Some of you might have heared the term “woo-girl”, used in a popular tv show, describing a type of girls, loosely related to a bimbo, usually attractive – certainly not in a bimbo way, more of a common pretty girl, but, in some circumstances, with a similar party-behaviour. Those girls like being loud, being the centre of attention and generating as much party-output as possible. Because of their light hearted nature, bimbos love parties and to let it all hang out. Parties are a perfect occasion to dress up, to show off, to tease, to hang out with other bimbos, to have fun and to impress. As the link above states, “…she [the woo-girl] shows her excitement and fun that she is having with her friends by exalting with a “WOOO” usually in unison with 4-5 other whoo girls.“, it is a matter of some consequence to gather more than just one bimbo party girl on such an event. We already learned, that the presence of like-minded BBFs increases the self-confidence and the wellbeing of every bimbo, not just because of some rear cover, but because of the common identity and feeling of solidarity. This feeling makes it possible at all, to develop the full party-output potential for a bimbo. It is fairly unlikely to see a single bimbo on a party, pulling out all the stops on her own. With the support of her BBF, a bimbo picks up the courage to dance on the tables, to drink masses of  colorful drinks, to pose and tease as if there were no tomorrow and to “wooo” all night long. “But what is the benefit for me?” – you might ask. Well, once, I had a discussion with a friend of mine, about the importance of the presence of bimbos on party events. “Every party needs some bimbos to be really fun” – he said, “No! A party doesn’t need some bimbos – the bimbos ARE the party” was my reply, and still, this is my honest opinion. Of course, you could hang out with your buddies, have some beer, listen to some “real” music, talking and discussing all night – and sure that’s sound like having a cool time – but would you call that “a party”? Of course you could invite some common girls (not the “woo ones”) and drink some beer with them, discussing, talking and maybe making out with one of them – but would you call that “a party”? Or you could just have… “a party”, with some bimbos and woo girls, with them dacing on the tables, showing off, teasing and flirting, making out with each other, drinking and singing, posing and expressing their true nature. Apart from being fun, the last option has some real benefits to it:

1. Bimbo party girls having fun and partying are, who would have thought, just an appealing thing to look at. It is common for any girl, and especially for bimbos, to get all dolled up for a party event, so the view becomes even more appealing. Your male guests will be thankful and cheerful. BBFs encourage each other to go one step beyond and to dress up even more. Anyone in for some go-go girls or strippers, not doing it for the money, but for fun?

2. BBFs will encourage each other to drink – bottles of champagne and colorful drinks. Drunk bimbos will increase their party output to the absolute maximum, dancing on the tables, half naked, teasing and giggeling, wooing and laughing, making out with each other and singing to something like Katy Perry. This will heat up and inflame the overall atmosphere and encourage everyone to participate in partying.

3. Partying bimbo girls will attract other bimbos and inspire other, normal girls – two effects we will examine in the near future.

4. Bimbos in party mode are very likely to discover bisexual behavior (something I often, briefly mentioned in this article) and could open the possibility for special, sexual adventures with other bimbos – two other effects we will examine soon.

5. Partying bimbos could offer you (or your male guests) the opportunity to approach girls you didn’t have any influence over before.

The advantages are clear! We discovered many reasons, why you should support your bimbo to party with her BBFs: The support, the mutual stimulation, the rear cover, the feeling of unity, the chance for your bimbo to develop her bimbo-persona and the possibility for you to extend your influence. In addition there is one aspect we didn’t cover yet: BBFs give you the time to deal with something else if you wish to. Without a BBF you are somewhat bound to keep your bimbo entertained the whole night, leaving you no time to talk to your buddies or other girls/bimbos. However, a BBF is perfectly able to do that for you. The girls will keep themselves entertained, pushing each other to increase their party-output, laughing, talking, drinking and giggeling without any effort for you to make. To a certain extent, BBFs can even be able to take care of each other, so you don’t have to look after them every single second. Once you had a party with true bimbos, you won’t be able to enjoy such events without them. Support your bimbos to be the stars of the evening, real club queens and the center of attention. This will increase their self-assurance and their persuasion. You will not regret it!

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