Bimbo Uniforms – Costumes: The bimbo housewife / trophy wife / Stepford wife

So, you may have noticed, in addition to our main concept, we have two supplementary, different terms in our headline, which normally can’t be used synonymously, but culminate in the main topic we are going to speak about today: “The bimbo housewife”. Let’s have a look at those two terms and what they mean:

The trophy wife

The trophy wife, as the urban dictionary understands it, is a “young, attractive woman, married to an older, powerful man, usually sitting at home, looking pretty, spending her husbands money, sun-bathing and playing tennis” but also “a typically educated girl, not necessarily a gold digger, who marries rich, and is a home maker or who’s roll is to stay home and look pretty.” Wikipedia says, that a trophy wife is a “usually pretty and young girl, who is regarded as a status symbol for the husband.” What we can deduce from these definitions is the conclusion, that a trophy wife, despite her education, has one main assignment in her marriage: Making every effort there is to be as sexy, pretty and fuckable as possible, in order to make her husband proud and desire her, as well as representing herself as a perfect status symbol for him. These efforts usually contain, but are not limited to, maintaining a perfect body shape through workouts, cosmetic operations, appropriate nurture, dressing striking, sexy and showy, behaving like a perfect, young, sexy doll and becoming a true specialist regarding make up, styling and femininity. Some well known trophy wives are Courtney Stodden, Crystal Hefner and Anna Nicole Smith (to only mention just a few).

The Stepford wife

In addition to that, we have the Stepford wife. “Used to describe a servile, compilant, submissive wife (who is a cookie-cutter), who happily does her husband’s bidding and serves his every whim dutifully” and “Describing a woman who does washing, ironing and cleaning with great joy, who also has huge orgasms every time during sex and has sex every time her husband commands” – these are the informations we get from the urban dictionary. The term “Stepford wife” originates from the satirical sci-fi thriller “The Stepford Wives” (1972) by Ira Levin which spawned a highly regarded screen adaptation in 1975 and a less highly regarded (but still… amusing) comedic screenplay in 2004 (and a softcore porn movie “The Breastford Wives” (2007) – starring Taylor Wane). However, the story roughly remains the same: A feminist, successful and emancipated woman moves to a small suburban area in Connecticut, together with her husband and her kids. Once they arrived, the family is dazed by the wives of the residents of the town called Stepford: All of them seem to be like the perfect woman every man dreams about, in a nearly grotesque manner. They are beautiful and sexy beyond all measure, polite, humble and tame, always styled and dressed in a feminine and impressive way, always concerned with “girly things”, docile, submissive and undemanding, filled with great joy from domestic work and everything their husbands ask them for. Furthermore they reject every bit of emancipation and seem to be a true sensation in the bedroom for their husbands. [ATTENTION: Spoilers!] The main protagonist discovers the secret behind the unnatural, perfect wives of stepford after some investiagtion: The former “normal” wives get replaced/upgraded by/to (depending on the book/movie) similar-looking robots, which are programed to be the perfect wife, with adjusted body shapes and behaviour and deleted undesirable thoughts, by the male inhabitants of Stepford. What happens in the end, differs between the different versions of the story – but taken from the original, our feminist protagonist, gets replaced against her will, from now on, serving as a perfect stepford wife to her husband, like all the other women in town [/spoilers]. This story can be seen as the origin for many, many stories in the bimbo culture, which deal with brainwashing normal or even feminist girls into submissive, sexy and perfect bimbo dolls, altering their bodies and thoughts – An aspect which may be the most important part of bimbofication for many.

As you can see, “trophy wives” and “Stepford wives” are two different things. The reason why we mention them both, is the fact, that the “bimbo housewife” has many aspects of both of them! First of all, a bimbo housewife is a bimbo – with all that goes along in those terms: A perfect, sexy, beautiful, feminine doll, with common features like big, enhanced, silicone tits, long blonde hair, heavy make up, a slim shaped body, long legs, a sexy way of dressing and styling and a girly, naive, cute and lovely attitude. Furthermore, the bimbo housewife has a distinct taste of dressing, the main topic we will look at in this article, and many aspects she shares with those other two types we talked about: The need to make her partner proud and his friends jealous, the need to be a status symbol and a sexy icone of femininity, the constant joy she pulls from doing characteristically considered female housework (baking cookies and brownies, ironing, etc.) – in sexy clothes of course, the constant effort she makes to be a true housewife and a stunning, magnificent bitch in bed! Because this is a post in the “bimbo uniform”-category, we won’t talk anymore about the natural behaviour of a bimbo housewife (something we may approach in future posts), but instead about the style that goes a long with it. Since the “bimbo housewife” doesn’t possess a dedicated uniform, like the maid, the playboy bunny or the schoolgirl – we will gather some items and styles that are appropriate and fitting for any bimbo who wants to become a perfect bimbo housewife or at least act like one for a certain period of time.


Have a look at the 50s – the decade before feminism kicked in! The bimbo housewife can’t go wrong with a colorful, short, cute and feminine petticoat mini dress. It is a symbol of an era when most women tended to become housewives and a true icon of feminine, sexy fashion (Figures 1, 3 & 6)!


Early in the morning, before the bimbo housewife dresses for the day and goes to (house)work, she enjoys the luxury of a leisurely starting day, having a coffee and preparing her make up items. This is the time when it is very appropriate to wear a fine, sexy, translucent dressing gown (Figures 5 A & B) or powdering gown, casually half closed, granting the postman or the neighbours a fantastic way to start the day, by catching a glimpse. Feathers, ruffles, transparent materials and tufts are a big plus!


Aprons are a powerful symbolic item! As we already mentioned in the post about bimbo maids, the apron is essential for a female, domestic worker. Try to get a cute, sexy apron with ruffles and a big ribbon! You can wear this item to any dress and sometimes it’s even the only thing a bimbo housewife should wear at all (in addition, the the three items below!) (Figure 2).

Lace underwear and lingerie

We already established the bimbo housewife as trophy wife, paretaking of her man’s prosperity. There is no way for a propper bimbo housewife to wear cheap, bare, plain undecorated underwear! A bimbo housewife indulges herself to dress in costly, fine and precious lingerie, sexy, tantalizing, made of silk and lace. And she always wears matching pieces! Never ever she wears a bra that differs in color or material from her panties or her garter belt (Figure 5 C)!


Stockings are absolutely mandatory to make a good bimbo housewife! Suspender stockings are the perfect choice and should be worn to any outfit (no matter if you are wearing a short dress, some kind of petticoat or the powdering gown in the morning (or the evening). Brown stockings are preferable! Don’t forget to pay attention to our bimbo lesson regarding stockings (Figures 2 & 5 D)!

High Heels

Even if the bimbo housewife spends some time in the house, there isn’t a moment when she shouldn’t wear high heels. Like for every other bimbo, high heels are a must wear in any given situation! Most commonly, a bimbo housewife wears some high pumps with stiletto heels, but the ultimate choice are some high heels with feather- or tuft applications! These shoes compliment the dressing gown in the best way possible, and due to their fragile nature (those shoes are not meant to be worn outside), indicate, that the bimbo housewife is a being, that feels most comfortable in a cozy environment like the bedroom (Figure 5 D & and the ones Vanity Porn wears in our rolemodelpost in the fourth picture!).

Like we already stated, there are many different pieces perfectly fitting a sexy bimbo housewife, many of them to be investigated in future posts, but bimbo rolemodel Josie Stevens (Figure 4), released a fashion line, directly aimed at the proper dressed bimbo housewife – a collection we will investigate really soon. In addition we might want to have a look at the “Stepford wife” behaviour and some related topics in the future too. For now, give the bimbo housewife a try, dress in your stockings, heels, an apron and a short petticoat minidress, slide a tray of muffins into the oven… and don’t forget your bimbo lessons by doing that, in order to give your husband/partner/trainer/master the proper bimbo housewife experiece.

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